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  • J Armstrong - Horrible Customer Service on NuWave PIC online order

    Ordered a NuWave PIC and NuWave Mini Oven online. I received a confirmation email on the order immediately after the order was placed. It had the following number to contact customer service at 855-742-2665. I wasn't aware of the high shipping and processing costs that came with ordering online ($153.84 for the items and $114.85 for shipping and processing). I immediately called the customer service number but got a recording that they are are open at 7AM CST M-F. I called the following morning at 7AM CST and spoke with Carlos. He said that the order wasn't in his system and to call back. I asked when to call back and he said after lunch. He said that he didn't have a way to check on the order. Fine, I called back after lunch and spoke with Geri and Teresa (supervisor). Both of them said that they see the order and would put in a cancel request but I had to call back after 24 hours to see if it got cancelled. They said that if not, I would be responsible for the shipping and processing charge after I returned the items. I told her that I should only have to call once that this customer service number was on the order confirmation that I received by email. I asked if they worked for Hearthware and they said yes. I asked them to transfer me to shipping and they would not do that. I was informed that the call was being recorded and I would again have to call back in 24 hours to see if the cancel request went through in time to stop the item from being shipped.

  • Tricia - Nice Game; Somewhat Frustrating.

    Bought this to learn guitar, and I do think that it has helped slightly. I love that it goes through different tunings that you can play your guitar in. My biggest gripe is that the game will decide what the difficulty is; If you are doing well, it will change the difficulty so that you can learn, however I absolutely HATE that it changes the difficulty in the middle of a song. It messes me up, because I start to remember what I'm supposed to be playing, and all the sudden, that one pluck becomes a chord, with three extra beats, and while I'm adjusting to the new difficulty, I miss so many that it goes back down. Wish it was more like RockBand/Guitar Hero in that sense. if there's a way to override this, and manually select the difficulty, it would be a lot more fun (if you have the game, and that is an option, please let me know!). I do think this has helped me better myself at playing guitar, but only slightly since I don't play often due to it frustrating me.

  • Meluvbooks2 - Loved it.

    Loved the characters. Loved the drama, betrayal and the romance. Liam is softer side of an alpha bad boy but still sexy and hot. Lizzie just buried her father, but all his belong is left to Liam. She tries to understand the secrets and lies while grieving for her dad. Instant attraction. Fast pace full of romance and entertainment.

  • RiBo - Lemon? Ultra Bright Rechargeable Camping Hanging Led Lantern Flashlight Combo by Vitchelo

    I bought this light on September 13 and was very excited to get this compact and versatile flashlight / lantern for us to use for camping, roadside car and home repairs and emergency power outages. My excitement turned to disappointment when it wouldn't turn on. There is no product that anyone can manufacture that is absolutely perfect. Occasionally there may be a small defect or a lemon. That's where customer service comes in to help remediate an issue or replace a defective product for the customer.

  • Bleeksano - Small, Light, and Fast but you need some technical ability.

    I'm using this SSD for my steam games. Warning, This SSD doesn't come with a hard drive cable. I just assumed that it would since my Corsair Neutron GTX SSD came with one, but that was my mistake. So, make sure to get a 6 GB/s cable in order to get the full performance from this SSD. Out the box, it's clocking speeds of 300mb/s. Turns out you have to download Samsung Magician app and then turn on Rapid mode in the advanced settings. But, the product itself is really fast and reliable.

  • Jinju - Works for us

    My husband has a problem with sores on his head. Not massive sores, but lots of little ones as a result of oil clogged pores on his scalp. I bought the shampoo after doing some research on the Internet, then begged my husband to at least try it.

  • IsabellaWatkins - You continue doing the stretches and it helps tremendously and you have to keep it up every day and it gets better every day

    After the first day it brought a some relief. You continue doing the stretches and it helps tremendously and you have to keep it up every day and it gets better every day.I am doing it twice a day and it would help even more if I did 4 times a day. Not enough time or too lazy. I highly recommend it.