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  • Amazon-Jake - Works but configure the options properly for best protection. HINT: Go through every setting and read what they mean.

    Works for what I need it for, basic AV protection, hasn't let me down yet. Just wish the settings were optimized for higher protection from day one. You have to go in and tell it to protect you better but thats my 2 cents.

  • Jennifer E. - Add me to the Loving my Subaru list.

    Got my 3.6 in Nov 2015, since then we've been through flood weather, snow, up the hills, off the road and I have been loving every bit of it. Get about 23 mpg for the v6 engine size, and feel the power under the hood when I need it. My only suggestion is if you get a sunroof, get the deflector. I've had sunroofs on all my cars, and this one is the noisiest.

  • Kindle Customer - Installation nightmare

    This was an upgrade from 2012 Norton Antivirus. The installation is as bad this year as it has been in the past. You have to totally remove 2012 in order to install 2013 which is a major problem unless you have the Norton removal program. The program works as expected, but the installation problems are going to cause me to look for a different vendor next December.

  • Mirka3 - Good return for the price.

    It is a good guide to go through the "basics" of a SAT exam. It also provides good exercises. It is not as extensive and detailed as other guides but is good for people that either want to practice more or don't have a lot of time to study. But I still recommend to start with other guides that explain a wider arrange of problems in detail.

  • Jonas Koester - Best diaper cream you can get

    The best out there... I've tried them all, my son's skin is soooo sensitive and this stuff is gentle. In 3 hrs I saw an immediate difference. Bonus... It smells great and soften's my own hands!