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  • Paul Kidd - Worth a read of history and the down fall of the Plantagents and rise of the Tudors

    Found it hard to get into, but after awhile it picks up and drags you along. Gives you a view of the opposition to the the Plantagenets that eventually won out.

  • Stephanie - This game is the best so far

    This game is the best so far, even with no Kinect. Mines been having issues so I tried out the phone compatibility, and it's awesome! 10/10.

  • Neem - Best Solution for Insect Pests

    I have used diatomaceous food grade earth for several years now. The first time I used it I bought a huge bag and that really last me a long time, I raised dogs and the neighbors put in new sod which apparently was tick infested. It was through my dogs and the kennel and my house and total grounds within a week. What to use that wouldn't poison my dogs? I searched the web and found this solution. You can eat is and it won't hurt you. It's used as a food additive for cattle ranchers to improve the cattle's health. I used a spreader and spread it all over the lawn, rubbed it into the dogs coats and air blasted it into every crevice of the house I could find. I put it down directly on the kennel floor. It took several days to show a response, but thereafter the ticks continued to diminish until they were totally gone and a couple of months. It was an absolutely terrible experience. Since then I have used it regularly for pest problems as a preventive measure. Put is all around the edge of your house to keep roaches and ants away. Use is for fire ant hills. Spread it on your lawn and garden to keep every insect under control including fleas if you have pets. It is absolutely great. But don't think that you can substitute cheaper DE from the pool supplier. It's not the same thing, won't work and can hurt your pets if it is ingested.

  • Denise Woods - Essential, Elegant and Easy to Access

    If you are a new or seasoned manager(supervisor, etc.) this could be a required handbook for you. Unlike trucks which beep as they back up, warning you that there coming your way and a crash may be imminent, most human resource issues come out of the blue. In addition, to further complicate things many times there may be a time crunch creating a sense of urgency and a need for an answer now. In situations like this, The Essential HR Handbook is incredibly useful as the information is concise, relevant and easy to access. Finally, for those times when your human resource classes seem almost like a figment of your imagination, this book can provide the information to make your day flow without any "beeping" along the way. Denise Woods

  • Marwan Batrouni - Overall this book does an excellent job exposing a lot of the far right mythologies ...

    Overall this book does an excellent job exposing a lot of the far right mythologies and claims, for instance the myth that the tea party creation was a grass root spontaneous affair, this among other claims regarding wages, unions and many other things,

  • Mark - Great for FJR1300 final drive lubrication

    I use this to service my FJR1300 final drive. It is changed every 4k miles, just like the engine oil. after 52k miles, the drive still looks like new, and almost no material shows on the magnetic drain plug, so it must be good stuff.

  • john longo - Product is not how it appears in photo

    Photo of product is not what I received. I ordered a gold emblem and received yellow. I expected the product to be more original looking based on photo. It was not worth the expense and time to return