Acoustic Consultants, Noise Control, Vibration, A/V - Acentech - Acentech is a multi-disciplinary acoustical consulting firm with expertise in architectural acoustics, A/V design, noise control and vibration control.

  • Blog: Acoustics, Noise & Vibration Insights - Acentech - Learn about the latest news and innovations in architectural acoustics, AV system design, IT, security systems, noise control and vibration control from Acentech's thought leaders.
  • About Acentech - Multidisciplinary Acoustical Consulting Firm Overview - Learn about Acentech, a consulting company offering acoustics, audiovisual design, information technology, security, and vibration services to clients across the globe.
  • Acoustics Consulting, Noise Control Consulting - Acentech - Acentech's consulting work in building acoustics includes mechanical system noise and vibration control, sound isolation, and room acoustics. Learn more and see project examples here.
  • Audiovisual (AV) & Sound System Design Consulting - Acentech - Acentech's audiovisual consulting services include AV and sound system design for auditoriums, theaters, classrooms, churches and other venues. View projects examples here.
  • IT and Security Systems Consulting, Infrastructure & Networks - Acentech - Acentech's IT consulting services include design of wired and wireless networks. Acentech's security consulting services are for building security infrastructure design. Learn about these services here.
  • Vibration Consulting | Vibration Noise Control - Acentech - Acentech provides vibration consulting to assist in the design of buildings and facilities that accommodate vibration-sensitive apparatus or occupants.
  • Acoustics, Vibration, AV, IT & Security Consulting for Performing Arts Spaces - Acentech - Acentech's services for theaters, concert halls and outdoor music venues includes architectural acoustics, audiovisual design, vibration & noise control and noise monitoring. Learn more and view projects here.
  • Consulting Services: Acoustics, Vibration, AV Design & IT / Security - Acentech - Learn about Acentech's services, with expert acoustics, vibration, noise control, audiovisual, information technology (IT) and security system consulting to engineers, architects and designers worldwide.
  • Museum of Fine Arts - Acoustics / AV Design Project - Acentech - Acentech consulted on the acoustical and audiovisual design throughout the new and renovated Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. Read the project summary and view photos here.
  • Blender Noise - Product Noise & Sound Quality Project - Acentech - Acentech worked with a leading manufacturer of household appliances to perform a comprehensive noise audit on a blender. Read about the results and recommendations.
  • Maine General Medical Center - Acoustics / Vibration Project - Acentech - Acentech provided consulting for room acoustics, sound isolation, and noise and vibration control for Maine General Medical Center. Find a project summary and view photos here.
  • Umass Amherst's Life Sciences Laboratories - Acoustics Project - Acentech - Acentech provided acoustics, noise control and vibration monitoring services for the new Life Sciences Laboratories at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Read about the project.
  • Deerfield Academy Hess Center for the Arts - Acoustics / AV Design Project - Acentech - Acentech performed acoustics and audiovisual consulting services for Deerfield Academy‚Äôs Hess Center for the Arts in Deefield, MA. Read the project summary and view photos here.
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