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  • Elizabeth A. - Terrible.

    Biggest waste of money ever. This stuff tasted terrible, and I didn't lose 1 pound. I am an active 50 year old woman but because of a foot issue had to refrain from my usual running routine. I decided to try this program to lose the 15 pounds I packed on over the year. I followed the program exactly and I am very disappointed. The shakes tasted like vomit and you have to take 15 pills 4 times a day. I wouldn't recommend.

  • Pamela - Love it!

    Love this stuff. One container lasts for a long time (i.e. years). A little goes a long way, and it does a great job cleaning. This gets off the tough stains without requiring too much elbow grease. I will be a lifelong customer of this product.

  • S. Grubbs - Bad Fit

    I ordered "custom fit" floor mats for my 2006 Ford Explorer. The front mats fit fine and I have no problem with them. However the rear mats do not fit at all. Having purchased them through realtruck.com I contacted them about it. They were great about wanting to please me and suggested I take photos of the rear mats so they could forward them to WeatherTech. The left rear mat overlaps the center drive train hump and seems like it is designed for another vehicle. I was sure WeatherTech would see the problem and correct it. But they wrote back to say they are correct and that I should trim them to fit. Really? I guess their laser measurement device was not working the day they measured for my vehicle. I am returning the mats and will buy something else.

  • Ann Goubert - one of my favourites

    A heartfelt emotional story that will leave you breathless! From all the books I've read so far from SL Scott, this one has left me in knots! It's definitely one of my favourites of her so far.

  • Munichikin - Solid MTB or Moto gloves that fit AS EXPECTED NOT LARGER

    Love moto gloves for mtb. My first pair of Fox in a while. I read reviews that these fit a little small, so I ordered 1 size larger (L->XL). It definitely fits as it should, which means that these fit as expected. With any glove this type, it's important that it is a little difficult to get on, as long as the fit feels good while riding. For me, The palm has too much extra glove in it and I have to adjust. It's not a big deal now that I've worn them a few times. The fingers however, fit very nice.