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  • Roddy76 - Do not buy the PC/Mac version!

    I won't repeat what other reviewers here said about the technical problems about this version for PC and Mac. It's enough to say that it simply will not work. Period.

  • leo falardeau - Everything you're hoping it will be!

    This is my first review...but to for all the fellow jeepers out there looking for an aggressive looking grill this is perfect! It's exactly what it looks like in the images and don't let the shipping time deter you because mine came in the mail via usps in like 5 days! 5* for sure !

  • rachel s. - Hair saver!!

    Today August 30th, 2014 I used the aphogee two step with the balancing moisturizer. I must say I'm very pleased with it. I colored my hair two months ago and my started getting damage. After my first time using this product my hair was strong, to see if my hair was strong after one use I did a strand test and when I pulled my strand it was strong. Its worth every penny!!

  • Colt R - Works great for my Jeep

    I use these in my Jeep Wrangler Soft top that will leak water when it rains. The inside would get a musky smell after a hard rain but I open this up for a few days and it takes the moisture out. Probably a little overkill for the small size of a jeep but works great for me!

  • erin - counter-productive in verbal, minimally helpful in math

    I used this as my only resource for a couple of months of preparation. The verbal section, especially reading comprehension, is terrible. I got questions wrong time and again. After reading the answer and explanation, I still couldn't see why the answer I had picked was wrong. After wasting too much time beating my head against the wall regarding reading comp. with Kaplan, I started looking at other prep sources and found some that were much better, like the ETS book and Magoosh.com. I got a perfect score in the verbal section on the actual GRE; I still can't figure out the reasoning on Kaplan's reading comp. questions. This tells me Kaplan's questions and answers are simply poorly conceived and written. It wasn't me, it was them.

  • George B. - Great product does what it says it does.

    I somewhat recently bought a 1983 Volkswagen Vanagon With the 2,0 litre aircooled engine. I went to clean the ERG valve recently and found that it was clogged all the way with just greasy sooty gunk from the exhaust so im guessing my car has not had much of a cleanout ever and the erg filter is likely rusted out but nonetheless I knew that i could quickly and easily clean it out whereas a new erg filter costs a hundred dollars or more. I bought two bottles of Seafoam Motor treatment because its an add on item and that way i could get the discounted price without adding anything on. For my purposes I found it easiest to pour the seafoam into the hose that attaches to the auxiliary air valve as this was easy to remove and fed right into the junction past the Mass airflow sensor. The brake booster would have been more troublesome despite many people recommending it. I Believe you should just look at all the air hoses leading into the manifold of your car and choose which both won't change the way the engine runs and is easy to pour into which in many cases is the brake booster hose. I warmed up the engine so the auxiliary air valve would not be needed for engine operation, and then I had to cover the majority of the open and exposed end of the hose so the engine would not be choked by too much air, then Its a matter of putting the right amount of Seafoam in so that you don't choke it that way either. At this point you will begin seeing white smoke come out of the exhaust. This is a sign that the seafoam is burning and working properly so continue until you've used nearly a third of the bottle. I actually had trouble killing the engine at the end when you are supposed to pour enough in to kill it so I just shut off the ignition after dumping a lot in at the end. I waited about 10 minutes for it to all soak in and then restarted the engine. I let it run for a little and then began a slow drive around the neighborhood in a low gear to run the engine quickly but not too fast. This created the most smoke by far which is good because that meant it soaked well. Once the smoke stopped or slowed significantly I shut the engine off and checked in the ERG valve hole on the manifold once the engine cooled. I Could not find any more of the greasy black gunk so It worked! The rest was split between going into the fuel and the oil to clean out injectors and galleys and I plan on an oil change soon as a result. Great product does what it says it does and my engine is running much smoother now likely due to a more even mixture in a no longer impacted manifold. I also recommend watching a youtube video on how to do this, it helps to see the things I'm talking about.

  • Erica Ford - good starting point

    This book is good, but it's deficient in many respects. The reviews of the different subject matter aren't that great. You still need to refer to many other books if you're going to get ready. I would say this book is a good starting point, but should not be relied on exclusively to prepare for the MCAT.