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  • Kindle Customer, Lorana - The Story is an Electric Fast Paced Thriller.

    A quick read packed full of suspense, action, and back door hints. Robert Dugoni does not leave his readers wanting at the end, how refreshing!

  • Ed Wise - I "upgraded" from Finale 2010 and can say that it was truly a waste of money

    If you are upgrading, honestly, don't unless you absolutely have to because of OS compatibility. An upgrade should be an improvement, but this is simply not. I "upgraded" from Finale 2010 and can say that it was truly a waste of money. Finale/MakeMusic, are you listening? YOU DIDN'T FIX THE THINGS THAT REALLY NEED FIXING. I feel like hostage, the same way I feel about Quicken and its "upgrades."

  • JPenn - surveillance, video security

    You get what you pay for. This item will not work with all cameras (higer res, or more scan lines). Motion detection is flaky at best. Not even worth sending back because the postage will cost as much as the item. It may work better with upgraded software though. I have yet to find it useful. Computer: 1.8G Intel 1G of Ram. This may be good for someone who wants to watch four cameras in realtime without the record feature or use manual record option.

  • Missy16 - This IS Heaven!

    My sister in law works at Starbucks and gave me this to try as she knows how much I love coffee. WOW! To me this is the most wonderful coffee I have ever tasted. Nothing can compare to the smooth dark velvety taste it has. With each sip, it's like I'm letting a piece of dark chocolate melt on my tongue. I absolutely love it, actually at this point I'm addicted to it, and that's why I'm on Amazon buying more, since my local Starbucks isn't carrying it.