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  • Ti Rider - Great, lower priced alternative to the very expensive Hayward T 15 cell

    My original T 15 cell worked for 6 years without being cleaned for the first two. It's replacement worked for exactly four years (and cost a staggering $512). The price has dropped to $409 now but that's still over $100 a year for it's average 4 year lifespan. I started looking for a lower cost alternative. After some research I found Chlorinator Pro. Good reviews at roughly 3/4 price of Hayward T 15 (even better it was on sale directly from the manufacturer - so the price was even lower).

  • Mandy L - I couldn't stop reading it!

    Wow! I'm not much into reading books for recreation but this one was a page turner from the beginning! I am a busy mom with 2 young children yet I managed to lose dear sleep because I had to say up and read this! Read it in 2 days! I love the crazy twists and revelations. A great suspense thriller! I was very nervous many times, palms literally sweaty. I'm going to recommend this to all my friends

  • Dustin512 - CB-1 thumbs up thumbs down

    Hi :) i am 26 and weighed 128 when i first started taking CB-1 weight gainer. It worked great with gaining weight, gained now im at 140 :) , but one promblem occured when taking it!. I got a sinus infection due to it, i had to go to the sinus doctor and overal hd to get sinus sergury OUCH! Im not sure what i should the rateing.

  • Amazon Customer - Priceless!

    I have been a Norton user for many years. Thanks Amazon for having this special on for black Friday. The instructions that was given to download was flawless. If you are a committed Norton user as I am the value was great. As I had already had this on my systems the days were added to my current time.

  • Mafiachix - Super hydration and shine!

    Another winner from PURA D'OR Beauty, the packaging and quality of their products is luxury at a super price point. This hair treatment is no exception. You get 8 [eight] kits in this box, both a shower cap and treatment packet. The treatment packet is very generous, if you have super thick and/or long hair, one packet is enough to cover your head. If you have medium to fine hair, that is less than shoulder length, this will give you two treatments per packet. I snipped one in half and the other went in a ziploc bag to give me 16 treatments.

  • John Ford - Ford 55

    Really High Quality Frames That I Took To My Optometrist Today To Have Prescription Placed In The Frames For Every Day Use. I Am Pleased That I purchased these Frames On Line Because At The Optometrist's Office The Price Was Quadrupled.

  • Rexus - Great product!!

    I bought the facial scrub from my Giant Eagle and it was $23 but the body scrub that was much larger than 5 oz. was only $15. I dont think this price is really fair. But I found it to work wonders with my sensitive acne prone skin. And if you get any redness pair it with Neutrogenas deep clean cream cleanser.