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  • J. L. Correa - Great Energy Saving Solar Lights

    These are definitely some great stainless steel solar garden lights. I live in Chicago and during the daylight savings things are pretty dark in the morning and then in the late afternoon. I have a couple of solar spot lights that light up my alleyway door, but being in the third floor with a iron porch I like to use the outdoors as much as possible even during the winter. I have only installed 3 of the 6 solar lights, I used a few black zip ties and attachment them securely to the corner posts, to my surprise with just 3 of these lights there is enough power to brighten up my deck. Super pleased and happy. I am sure once I am done installing the other 3 lights I will be able to finally say that my porch is lighted and ready to enjoy some cold nights outdoors.

  • DSMohler - FAIL

    I have used Microsoft Streets an Trips since version 1. My company is a Microsoft Partner; I am a Microsoft Certified Application Developer. So I know what I am doing with a computer. This time Microsoft has produced a product that can't open older S&T map versions. After S&T recognizes the need to upgrade a previous map file, it displays the error: "Failed to open document." Other people are having this problem, but there is no support article from Microsoft. It is the year 2012, and by now Microsoft should be able to produce a consumer software product that just works. Besides that, there is no compelling feature in this version that warrants upgrading. Save your money.

  • Zachary Long - What are these new rules? Stick with classic and disregard

    I don't really get these new Fire & Ice rules, and based on the other reviews here on Amazon no one else totally understands it either. If you read the instructions you can just play Classic rules even with the new version and board. Classic rules were great for my 4 year old but even us adults don't get the new game so we just made fun house rules for what to do with the fire and ice tokens and new board spaces.

  • Amazon Customer - This pad is the best thing ever

    Ok, I admit, I thought grounding was kinda crazy. But I've been converted. I had chronic pain that I was treating with narcotic medication before and after about a month of sleeping on this pad, I was ready to cut back a bit. After another month, I cut back more, and on and on. Now, I rarely take pain medications. I can say that its because of this pad because nights when I roll around and it gets bunched up, I've taken it out and I wake up in pain the next morning. One morning I woke up in pain and felt it under me but didn't know why I hurt so much. Then I got up and realized that the pad had gotten flipped over in the night! (only one side "works") Ha! This pad is the best thing ever! My doc can't believe that I no longer need refills on my narcs.