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  • J S Bach - Great Accounting Software

    I now run several businesses in the UK. I use an accountant I have known for many years and have always been happy with their service. I have had very little need for such software, especially given the price of accounting software packages. I am not a computer whiz and sometimes find complicated Microsoft software packages difficult to use.

  • *sc* - YES!

    I ordered these because my teeth are a little short of perfect! After using all 14 treatments, I have to say that other people have noticed that my teeth have gotten whiter so thats definitely a plus. Although my teeth weren't perfect, they weren't the worst either so don't expect to see miraculous results although you definitely will notice whiter teeth after 3-4 days. I see a lot of people complain about the pain that comes with it, I didn't experience any pain but it is a little uncomfortable during the half hour you wear the strips, at least you know it's working lol. I will be ordering these again in the future! Satisfied with my purchase!

  • Electronics lover - Not an antivirus...disappointed

    This is not an antivirus, it only blocks viruses. If you want something that blocks and cleans your files and system, this is not the product. Should have read more carefully the description.

  • Susana Audrain - Now I know why models use it. Vivid cal lives up to its claims

    Top quality hair nourishing vitamin. My hair feels softer and looks shinier than ever before. It's no wonder models who have their hair over worked and over processed use it. Buy this one which is the professional grade product for a couple of months and you will never be without it again.

  • Juliann H Davis - 99 for this item and am very disappointed. It had no shipping info or directions for ...

    According to the description of this product, it contained an advent calendar with doors to open. What I received was a very thin plastic box with 24 assorted package. I paid $59.99 for this item and am very disappointed . It had no shipping info or directions for assembly and no info on what item was for what day. Very displeased.

  • Joe Kemp - Superb.

    I'd really give it a 4.5 stars, but I'm gonna just go ahead and round it up as any cons are, in my opinion, very minimal and aesthetic in nature. The fullers ("blood grooves") are kind of unfinished and the grind marks used to make them are visible, but that's easily cleaned up with sand paper and love. The edge, although very much satisfyingly sharp, is a little sloppy and nonuniform, but with the aforementioned love and my Lansky Puck, it will soon be perfect. It came USPS, and rather fast at that. I live in Indiana and it shipped from Hawaii on the same day of Friday and then arrived on the following Monday. The shipping box allowed for some immediate testing, and I'm pleased to announce that the box is no longer suitable for shipping purposes. It is suitably blade heavy in it's balance, as it is a machete and made for blade heavy purposes. A quick snap cut from the wrist nearly sliced the shipping box in half, and that was more due to the weight and sharpness of the blade than my own physical effort. The handle is nice, though aesthetically it is obvious that it is hand made, and allows for a multitude of gripping techniques. I'd consider it hand and a half, and I have some meaty paws. It didn't come with a sheath, but I ordered one that was made for the two handed Cold steel latin machete, and it will do fine until I make a leather one for it. Like I said, it's a little rough aesthetically, but functionally it's amazing. Being that it's hand made, no two are going to be exactly alike, and the one you buy is going to be 100% yours and unique.

  • S Snoid - Just tell us the size and eliminate the guesswork!

    Why don't they simply tell us the size of the holes that these will fit? It would be so easy and eliminate so many questions and complaints. Like many others, I found that the 6" size fit my 6.25" holes, because that's actually how wide they are; but the 8" size is too big for my 8.25" holes, because they are actually 8.5". Fortunately the return is free, although somewhat of a hassle, but I still don't know which product to order.