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  • kudzu63 - Not traditional Hercules.

    Not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't at all what I thought Hercules was going to be about. Going by the commercials I assumed it would be about the 12 labors. Even though it lagged a little bit at times it did turn out to be a pretty good movie. The one thing I am glad of is that The Rock didn't try to do a cheesy English accent. I'd recommend it for anyone that's a fan of Dwayne Johnson.

  • Kristen - Five Month Old Approved!

    This is such a fun playmat! My five month old was all about playing with this as soon as we set it up. He likes slapping it and making the water go around, and then the little fish float around, which he watches. It's the perfect size for a baby his age, and it's great for tummy time, since it gives him something to look at and interact with on the ground where he's laying. It's easy to clean, so if he drools on it, it's not too big of a deal, and it's easy to store, since the water and air just has to be let out and then it can be folded. The air is easy to fill, and the water section is fairly easy, though it can be hard to get it filled properly without getting water everywhere. Making sure it's not completely filled with water gives the water room to slosh around, which gives the baby more fun time.

  • Gloria Mtz - CB1 DOES work!

    This is a review to all of the non-believers, skeptics and those who are contemplating on purchasing these pills but won't because of bad reviews. I have been thin all my life. After having my children I lost weight without even trying. I have tried excercising, protein shakes, & eating as much as I can to only feel so full my next meal could be several hours later eating like a bird. I came across CB-1 and decided to give it a try. It comes with a money back guarantee so I placed my order. Shipping was fast and I started my weight gain journey. In less than 2 months I had gained around 14 pounds and I couldn't be happier! I took 2 pills 30-45 minutes before having meals. It increased my appetite and I would finish my food and snack afterwards, something I was not able to do before. I gained a lot of confidence and was happy to know that my significant other noticed too. Follow the tips that come with the pills and stick to your regimen. Don't let bad reviews stop you from trying it. If you are not satisfied simply call them and they will give you a refund.

  • Tom Tonnessen - Worked great!

    I bought this to make a clone of my existing hard drive and replace it with a larger one. Worked very easy with no complications and I haven't even used it for back-up yet, well worth the purchase for myself.