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  • Lily - Hot Highland Romance

    I loved Amy Jarecki's latest Highland romance. It was an exciting thrill ride through the Jacobean era in Scotland with lots of action, peril, tragedy and passion. Her characters were strong and appealing and the plot captivated me from the first page. The passion between the hero and heroine is hot and steamy. If you love Scottish romance, you will love this book! Can't wait for the next one.

  • SArchey - Yummy!!

    I just started these shakes so I don't know what the weight loss results will be yet, but basically, with any diet plan you need to exercise and watch caloric intake to lose weight. One serving (2 scoops) is 90 calories, plus whatever you add such as milk, yogurt, fruit, etc. I have never been a fan of diet plans using shakes because they are usually not great tasting and kind of chalky. This stuff is delicious! It tastes like cake batter, seriously. It keeps me full too, which I didn't think would happen. For weight loss, you need to know one basic principle; 3500 calories is equal to one pound of fat. So, to lose 1 pound a week, you need to cut your current calorie intake by 500 a day. You have to take into consideration you BMR, but you can find that almost anywhere online so you will know how many calories your body burns at rest, then you can calculate how many calories to cut and how many calories each exercise burns. I recently discovered (after being sick a long long time) that I have a gluten allergy. These are gluten and lactose free, which makes meals a lot easier for me, I don't have to read every ingredient on every single thing I eat. One meal a day is easier to calculate than 3. Snacks are easy because raw veggies and fruits don't have gluten. I will try to come back and update if possible on weight loss, but I assume it will work if I stay within my allotted calories.

  • Daniel Wilson - It's easy to just see Trump

    I've been a fan of Jon Ronson for a while now. He has a keen eye for humanity and for finding pathos in situations that many wouldn't think it could be found. This piece was no different. It's easy to just see Trump, Alex Jones, and the like as cartoonish buffoons. Ronson doesn't do this however. Instead he shows them for who they are: humans who have some very destructive ideas and who should never be in power, but also more like you and me than some might be comfortable admitting.