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  • Dave2k8 - We could tweak the plans/models until we were both happy with the final result

    I used this program to help create a bid packet for potential contractor candidates. It takes awhile to get through the learning curve, but when you do it really is well worth it. Especially when getting the wife on board with remodeling ideas. We could tweak the plans/models until we were both happy with the final result. It certainly helped when communicating ideas across to our contractor. We were all on the same page which saved time and money.

  • Amazon Customer - This Is The Best AV - Hands Down

    By far the best AV product out there. Extremely accurate and lightweight. Never had any issues with the installation of this product on many different systems. I have used it on Windows 7 all the way through Windows 10. Even with an unscheduled upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 it handled itself remarkably well. How it's getting multiple 1 star reviews I have no idea. All I can say is either the installer was clueless or they are deliberately misleading. It integrates itself very well into your browsers and has paid for itself many times over by stopping web page loads of malware laden sites which seem to become more and more prevalent. Highly recommended.

  • cherryell - Streets and Trips 2013 w/GPS

    I am happy with product, it has done everything it said it would do and it has found more places than other things I have tried which includes GPS and google maps.

  • C.Nelson - very useful

    Grateful for this product. I had resorted to putting my entries on a sheet of paper. With all the online payments I make I hardly ever need to order checks, just need these registers.

  • Just2People - Plenty of outlets and USB power to boot!

    Excellent value for the money. Replaced an aging APC ups. It was almost the same price as buying replacement batteries for my 10 year old APC.

  • F. Auer - fantastic

    if you ever had a problem shaving with irritation try this product! Plus the shaving cream lasts a long time (unlike the preshave and after shave)

  • Robert_in_Chicago - Don't believe the positive reviews, they are company spam

    I have been reading the reviews in-depth to try to determine whether this product is actually one that people find useful and cost-efficient. Alas, you will never be able to tell based on most of the reviews. The company that makes this product just went public in November 2010, and even a cursory read shows that its employees and/or agents have been spamming Amazon with fake positive reviews. Out of the 50 reviews since November 2010, 16 are 5-star reviews and 3 are 4-star reviews from alleged customers who have never reviewed a single other product on Amazon. (I exaggerate a bit; those 19 "customers" have collectively reviewed 5 other products.) Each of those reviews is only a few sentences long and says little other than "I my wife / husband / mom / kids love it, what a great product!"