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  • Lisa in TN - Very informative. We are planning a trip to Rome ...

    Very informative. We are planning a trip to Rome next month. He gives you a list on how to use your time to get the most out of your trip and

  • Amazon Customer - Three Stars

    Very thorough coverage of city and standard tourist attractions, but not much on off-road/back-country opportunities.

  • Bianca B. - The ONLY product that killed the fleas!

    Finally something that I can rely on. My pup is a 15lb mini schnauzer mix and rarely gets fleas. She hung out with a pooch that was infested and got some. She never had a ton of them, but they sure were pesky. I tried homeopathic ways like lemon juice baths, and such. Also bathed her TWICE with Hartz. It seemed like it worked for a day, then she was itching again. Finally found this stuff and bathed her and saw the little guys fall right off finally. I liked how it actually lathered (unlike Hartz) and the smell wasn't bad. Still skeptical, I dried her, and used a flea comb. Found one other guy dead. Then applied Frontline Plus (had been using Hartz but won't ever go back). Now she is having the nap of her life. I am so glad to see her relieved. Please get this FIRST and you shouldn't have any problems.

  • S. Whitfield - Does Not Work

    I purchased this product and have been following the instructions on usage (3xs daily) since Oct 5, 2008 with the same bottle to help w/ toes, one of which has turned black. After 3.5 months I have noticed no improvement at all. While the oils smell nice and keep the nails moisturized, I would caution others to try other cheaper remedies before using this. It may work for some, but did nothing for me. Good luck.

  • R. Doucet - It means it is cleaning me out like it is supposed to

    I will start by saying I am a HUGE SKEPTIC!! I recently purchased this product on a Carnival cruise ship where it was explained to me in deep detail how the product works and how and when to take the pills. I think a lot of the reason some don't have results or don't "think" they have results is due to the fact they either have no clue how to use the product or have a misconception of what to expect from the product. While I am a open minded person I am also honest with myself. I have just started the product and already I have noticed I go to the the bathroom more often than I usually would. THAT in itself is a HUGE plus for me. It means it is cleaning me out like it is supposed to. While exercise and eating right is highly recommended, one of the mandatory things is drinking enough water. You have to drink half your weight in water to CLEAN the junk OUT of your body. The pills can't do all the work. Think of it as a truck with no gas. The pills load up the junk to haul it away and your drinking water is the gas that goes in the truck to move it along OUT of the body. Too many people expect to just take a pill and things just MAGICALLY and INSTANTLY get better. Depending on your age that is how many years of JUNK you have in your system. You have to give it a MINIMUM of 3 months of FAITHFULLY taking the pills and at minimum drinking water regularly to truly be able to give an honest review of this product. While this product my have immediate results for some the main purpose of the product is to help repair your body (liver) from years of pouring bad toxins into it

  • Larry T. - Bought this unit to spread rock salt over driveway and ...

    Bought this unit to spread rock salt over driveway and parking lot. Doesn't work, I need to have someone ride on back and keep shaking unit to keep salt flowing.

  • Kayli - It's very comfortable! I use it as my seat in my ...

    It's very comfortable! I use it as my seat in my bedroom, and I have no problem seating on it reading books or using my computer.