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  • faltered - This stuff works!

    I moved my hot tub from old house to new house. When everything was filled up and running a leak developed. It was not a leak I could find and it was a constant "drip drip drip". I figure the water loss to be about 1-2 inches or more per day. Every 3 days I would have to add water to it to keep it above the jets.

  • Virginia Felt - Love the music

    Love the music. The only issue I had with this product was the case it was in. It is cardboard and was a little warped. Barry Gibb wasn't though!

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't really fit 2016 JK

    I had read other feedback about the product being loose and that's definitely true. I had assumed that this being Mopar it would align right. The outward alignment pin for this fuel door is clearly for other models which appear to have changed. The pin aligns backwards which keep the fuel cap from setting and puts the logo upside down. It's probably just right for other models. For $11 bucks I clipped the prong and made it work but would rather have gotten a piece that fit tighter and more appropriately. Considering others paid much more I can't complain too much and won't be returning but be aware. I would have easily given 4 to 5 stars if it fit as expected.