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  • Ally J - Best Hair Conditioner

    This is by far the best leave in conditioner. My hair is very dry and frizzy on the ends but this product makes me look like a model in a hair conditioner ad. Best of all it doesn't irritate my skin.

  • Stuck In Park - I tried it and it worked for me; and I am a regular guy, not a paid person although I wish someone would pay me for saying it!

    First off let me say I am always skeptical about online reviews because I don't know who got paid to say what. But I am your average American Joe (Gary) who is an Evangelist, and I will not lie, too afraid of God. I have a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe with over 329,000 original miles, original motor, original transmission. This is the first year that it did not pass inspection on the first try. I had two things off line (sorry don't know the technical terms) and in NC, for a 2005, you can only have 1. One was a heated O2 Sensor and one was low efficiency. It has had low efficiency for over 120,000+ miles, and I always used Lucas or Seafoam and it cleared the code and check engine light went off long enough to get in inspected. The light would soon come back on, but I didn't care as it was inspected. This is my primary vehicle. This year the Lucas and/or Seafoam didn't work as far as getting the engine light off. I researched many things, including Scott Kilmer saying put a gallon on licquer thinner in it. Well that didn't even sound reasonable to me so I didn't. Then I remember CATACLEAN which an auto parts store clerk told me to try 2 years ago. It was $25 a bottle so I didn't. Well, this year I said what the heck. I bought it and followed the specs, put it in with approx. 5 gallons/1/4 tank, drive 10-15 miles (I drove 15.2), and fill it back up (I purposely filled it up with premium). Light was still on that day. The next day I drove to work, 3 miles, and lunch, 10 miles, and when I got out of the place for lunch, the check engine light was off. I drove straight to the inspection place which was actually about 30 miles from where I was, and it passed inspection. I can't say what did or didn't happen to others, but for me, it worked. I needed my vehicle inspected to get my tags renewed. As long as my Santa Fe is running, and it stills runs great, I will use a bottle of CATACLEAN quarterly. I don't know what it did and don't care, I just know I am driving legal. As of this writing it has been 3 days and the engine light remains off. Good luck on your issues.

  • Lobol - Did not work and No results after prolonged regular usage

    Useless. Have been using for more than 6 weeks now and have noticed no difference whatsoever. I read on online articles that retinol does help with aging skin issues. May be this product is of inferior quality or doesn't have enough active ingredient. I'll look for something that's professional strength to see faster results. It's a small bottle. Might last you a month of regular usage (2 times a day).

  • Trend - Initially Skeptical...But Very Pleased

    Before purchasing I was skepical, but these are sturdy and somewhat heavier weight pots and pans. You'll get relatively even cooking from these. Upon delivery, I was surprised how heavy the box was. Keep in mind, as of this review, these are on sale. These do have the quality of a 80 or 90 dollar set. They're a good buy.