Wax Bunny | A Caron Laboratories exclusive salon in Las Vegas - Wax Bunny is a Caron Laboratories exclusive salon, one of only two throughout all of Las Vegas.

Country:, North America, US

City: -118.4041 California, United States

  • Prebdog - Really Bad Tasting Stuff

    I received this stuff about a week ago and have been using it. It is too early to say if I feel any different, but I can say it is some of the worst tasting stuff I have ever had. It is really hard to keep it down and I have tried it with different drinks, such as tea, juice, hot chocolate. It also does not fully dissolve which adds to the bad taste. I will use the whole jar and hope for the advertised benefits.

  • Christine Smith - Natural Relief anyone?

    Clearly what you do not know about conventional acid-reflux medications can hurt you much more than you can imagine. I am a firm believer in the best of nutritional supplements and natural remedies whenever possible. So this type of book especially appeals to me. Thank you Dr. Wright for setting me onto the right path for not only gastric relief but the good of all my health.