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  • C. Austin - Waste of money

    I used this product religiously twice a day for four months with no results. A big waste of time and money.

  • Kelley Zuniga - Love/Hate

    Loved it At First..then it gave me the worst heart burn ever!!! It's the only one that didn't make my heart rate get super high or jittery & loved that it's time released. But the heart burn was so bad!!! :/

  • Nightwatcher - Life changing information, also order coconut oil!

    Oil Pulling Therapy is swishing some oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes daily. Now somebody is going to say that that is the whole book and it's a waste of money. Well, they're wrong. Bruce Fife, the author, covers a lot of background material that does indeed relate to this practice and why he feels that this book is perhaps the most important medical treatise you will ever read. Using coconut oil to perform this simple task cleanses the mouth and body of bacteria, viruses, protazoans, and toxins like pesticides, mercury, and heavy metals. This takes a huge burden off the immune system, freeing up the body to heal itself. This takes time but it is a powerful practice for promoting good health. It is safe...because it is a technique borrowed from Ayervedic medicine and has been practiced in India for thousands of years.

  • VABCO LLC - Lot of great features

    I like that I can dag an drop pdf's right into section of One. I also like the new Outlook social media add-ons. I just wich the color schemes for the apps looked better like in previous versio of office.