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  • Brennon F. Bynum - Good product - Read reviews for best install instructions!

    As almost all other reviewers here have stated, the directions in the package are sorely lacking... but supplementing those directions by watching the video they give you a link to... and mostly the very good instructional reviews and pics from the other posters here (in particular "Scott" from May 14, 2013 and "Irish" from November 19, 2014)... I had more than enough info to confidently install these in about 20 minutes with no problems.

  • Anthony Aragon - I liked it, allowed me to select what I wanted, by item

    I think it was easy to move from topic to topic, as a visual learner I was able to follow the list or jump around. I have been a casual user of Excel for a long time and I was able o pick up things about 10 that I would have missed. I recommend it.

  • Joshua Abrams - Great Headset

    This is a great headset. I have owned it for a while and I really like the ease of connectivity and the microphone is sensitive enough where I feel like I don't have to yell. Sometimes when I am talking to people they do ask what I am doing because they pick up some background noise. One of the best headsets I have owned and I owned many different types of Jawbone. I could never get any of the Jawbones to fit as comfortable as this.

  • Alisha Norby - zero sensitivity!!! And really works!!

    I love SmileSciences!!! My teeth are already pretty white but I do drink wine and coffee a lot and I needed something that wouldnt cause sensitivity which all other teeth whitening strips or kits I tried would give me!!! With Smile Sciences I had ZERO sensitivity and My teeth look amazing!!! My family and friends now use it as well and I havent heard any complaints yet!! I think everyone should definately give this kit a try!!! I dont understand all of the one star reviews. :( i definately give them 5!!!!

  • Kathleen R. Day - Horrible! Don't buy this product!

    After having purchased the "Tummy Tuck System," I have had two other charges for no reason....they just keep charging my credit card!

  • Sunshine - Awesome treadmill; awesome shipping/assembly deal!

    I researched treadmills for MONTHS before finally deciding on a Sole F80. I've been running for about 8 months and ran my first Half Marathon a few months ago. I usually run about 3-4 days per week, 15-25 miles per week. I am an outdoor runner, but this winter has been a doozy and I wanted an option for days that it's too icy to hit the trail. I spent hours reading reviews on Amazon and other treadmill review sites.