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  • Amazon Customer - No. No. No.

    I bought the product a month ago. I use it every single day religiously.....and absolutely no results. I am not happy with the formula since it apparently DOES NOT work for me.

  • Barry Melton - An unnecessary good in a world filled with evil.

    Let's be clear to start off: I have not read this book. I have bought the book, in Kindle format, but only to support the author, whose mailing list has been filling my inbox, daily, with the most interesting trivia collection I've ever seen.

  • Mya L. Stringer - I will buy more!

    It actually works. I have noticed results in about 3 weeks. No negative side effects and it has now been 2 months. Many people that know me very well have noticed before I had a chance to mention it. I have not done squats and I model swimwear. I dislike the mint sensation when you first put it on, but it does smell good.

  • CaptainCarl55 - Anchors Away!!!

    Have you been walking down the street and been struck by a massive ocean liner or aircraft carrier? Are huge ships following you around,scaring away your friends and family? Have you lost sleep at night due to a ships's whistle? Does the Navy harass you because all the ships at the base follow you home? Don't feel alone or threatened literally billions of people deal with this problem every year and fortunately there is a quick and easy solution. Leading scientists at Pompous Blowhard University have developed this easy-to-read book to help people just like you.

  • Wmsstuff - It works great too!

    My research let me to this flashlight. I use them for work, hunting, and camping. My coworker always has the latest in flashlights, and always wan't to show me how bright his are. This was way brighter that any of his he pulled out to compare. I also ordered the Tangsfire charger for this. It works great too!