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  • A. Fischer - Why no Blu-ray?

    LOVE the show but where the heck are the Blu ray editions for seasons 4,5&6???????? Seriously, why no Blu ray? Who wants to watch a show like this in sub par quality.

  • Terry - Awsome book

    I'm traveling to Italy and needed a book that could give me details on where to go and hpw to get there.

  • Diogenis Leiva - Its not our job to make sure we have the codes we bought it from the publisher like that" For the record it is their job as ...

    Stated it was new with product codes. When I tried registering said codes for my course did not work. When I contacted them for service they basically asked "what do you want us to do? Its not our job to make sure we have the codes we bought it from the publisher like that"

  • Dorothy Gabbert - bad batch easy straight

    I have been using this product for yrs. This product came from health & beauty. hopefully it was just a bad batch, but it did nothing. and I mean nothing. next time, back to sally's beauty supply. I just received my order from sally's beauty. the box dist. by hm mane solutions is the one that doesn't work The box that prints on the box "zotos international from Ct. is the right one.

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    Can not say enough good things about this product. I've used this stuff for years and I'll live and die by it. Worth every cent. FAST shipping! Came a week earlier than expected. Thank you!!

  • Linda K. Kruse - works well

    This works really well for burise's. I bruise very easily and have found this cream very helpful. I will order again.

  • Bontro - Works great. Bontro Approved.

    I have had this product now for two months. I had some issues with the way the package arrived from the seller.--the box and its contents were a mess--the way that you would expect an item to look if someone returned it and didn't care with how things went back in the box. Besides these issues, the product itself works great on my BOB Revolution Flex. It attaches and removes easily (important since you have to take this adapter off to fold the stroller).