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  • J. DeLabar - smooth as GLass

    I’m flush with excitement as I write this review. I had to sit down and calm down, wood I be able to do it justice? No plastic prose from me, but I’m Johnny on the spot no worries. Still writer block is often a great wall to overcome. Number 1 do I really need this book? But number 2 can I pass it at such a price? Luckily the paper work is always easy with Amazon. The choice is clear as running water. Don’t get cold seat commit to it.


    AWFUL HORRIFIC RIDICULOUS customer service. Over 2 hours, 9 techs multiple "disconnects" and finally finally I got the product cancelled because nothing should be this hard to get worked out! Do not even bother, this product will never be any good until the Geek Squad gets rid of the idiots running their phone systems. It is not cheap either!

  • Rachel A. Adams - Worked so good

    I moved into a new place and the previous owner did not clean up after their pets accidents... saturated the areas that smelled and left to air dry and voila i dont smell it anymore! however its easy to go through the bottles quick so beware :)

  • Kristina Maria - Smells so good

    The first thing I noticed about this cream is that it's in a tiny bottle! I was worried that I was going to go through it ridiculously fast, but was happy to find that a tiny bit goes a very long way. I haven't been using it long enough to speak on its effectiveness, but I will update this review in about a month to touch on that, and provide before/after pictures. The cream is very smooth and rubs in nicely without leaving any gross or sticky residue. My favourite thing about this cream though... is the scent. It smells SO good. Scar creams normally have a very unpleasant smell, very chemical-y, almost like burnt hair, but this one smells strongly of yummy herbs. As soon as I pumped some out onto my hand, I noticed it and fell in love with the scent.

  • Texas Mom - OMG, It Really Works!

    FAN-...-TASTIC product We are repainting 503 continuous feet of 5'-tall metal fence along the road-frontage of our home property, using only canned spray paint (keeps kiddoes busy!). In hopes of somewhat easing the job, we bought a couple of these SafeWorld Can-Gun 1 attachments, figuring its award-winning design and lifetime warranty made it a good prospect for our purpose. OMG, it works!