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  • Hesty1924 - Nasty Stuff I tell You

    Ok here is how it goes. Open the bottle and blow across the top of it while your wife or whoever is not looking then run it only takes a few seconds to ruin someones nose. The smell you ask?? Well its like a donkey, cat, racoon, possum, and a dog that ate too much pinto beans took a giant dump and bottled it. It also has a puke smell to it so that just intensifies it that much more. Took it to Lowes and I was with my unsuspecting father in law he walks slow and I walk fast so I took it out of my pocket and sprayed it by my hip (i did a 5 pumper) I stopped and turned around and he had this WTF is that look on his face. It is so hard to control the laugh so you have to be strong or the victim will know it. Another time my niece was sitting on the couch jacking with her iphone and i sprayed it in her hair as i made a loud coughing noise but before that i was complaining that the BBQ I ate last night was jacking with me let me tell you she jumped out of the chair and hooked it to the other side of the room and was yelling at me.. little did she know it was on her hair so everywhere she went it was there up in her face OMG this stuff is great but buyer beware this stuff when you pump it several times will get on your hands so be prepared and put some paper towels in your pocket for the stash so you can wipe your fingers off. Best thing to do is wait for your boss to go to lunch then take some toilet paper and pour some of this crap in it then throw it in their trash can but kind of hid it with other trash in there and then leave for lunch but don't come back before they do then when you get there you can start the show just remember you will be smelling it too.

  • Keith G. - fit like it came from the factory on the truck

    i only installed it yesterday but on the short ride after i did notice it had some extra get up and go. will follow up after i run the truck for awhile. keith

  • Amazon Customer - Knock off disguised as original

    It arrived in a bottle with a crack. It had leaked a bit so I put it in my old bottle. When I squeezed it a little to help it along many cracks appeared in the bottle it had arrived in. Then when I used the product it had a harsh chemical scent. My hair got dirty a full day faster than usual. I have decided that a knock off Paull Mitchel Awapuhi Shampoo had been placed in an old bottle to appear as though original. I had to stop using it because I am sensitive to chemical scents.