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  • Jose Hernandez - best one

    This is the best smartphone for me not gonna try it for nothing at all please buy this one if you can't buy one for around $300 or 400 or higher I have rooted my phone this one but I am soooooooo much happy I got out all the ad's & other stuff it came with I got the worlds fastest web browser on it & it is blazing faster I love my samsung galaxy previal 2 way better then any kyocera phones they suck on 4.0 ice creaam sandwich ics software updated no promblems on mines I pay $35 on mines I got mines for $40 & they costs $100 something brand new at any boost mobile stories & I have Unlimited everything Talking Texting & 3G Internet fast 3G without any problems sometimes

  • J. Runnstrom - Improved verbal fluency at a cost.

    The first time I heard of this product I had never heard about nootropics before. Now, I had seen the movie limitless, so I was excited to try Alpha Brain out. Of course I realized that it would not affect me to that extent, but even just a fraction of that would be interesting to me.

  • Mr. E - Quickly Debunked Snake Oil

    As an electrical engineer and someone who has studied Electromagnetics, radio transmissions, and circuits, I can tell you with absolute certainty that this device does absolutely nothing to protect you or help you in any manner beyond a placebo effect.

  • Holly O. - Great game! We have a lot of fun with ...

    Great game! We have a lot of fun with this video game! I cannot dance, so it's fun to play and be silly with my daughter, because she doesn't care how funny I look!!! It is a great workout!! Shipping was right on time!

  • stephanie bakich - HORRIBLE

    I have been using this for over 3 weeks now and I am more broken out than I ever have been in my life and that is BAD. I have cystic acne and am only ever clear on oral meds, but due to being a nursing mother, I can not take anything. I have about 20 cysts on my face and over top of them is dry, cracked skin. This has done nothing for me, other than dry my skin up and bring out ever cyst in every pore. I am so disappointed.

  • Duane A. Priest - The Perfect Hard Surface Floor Cleaner

    I can't say enough good things about this floor cleaner. It's the second one I've owned, and the first was worn out from use over a period of years.

  • D. Blackburn - Love these!!

    Got these on sale around the holidays(39.99) which was an awesome deal. Use these everyday and there fantastic. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed though, I mean there t-fal after all. I have used these everyday since December and none of the coating has chipped or came off on my set. I love em. Have nothing bad to say abouth these. I am thrilled with my purchase.