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  • Janece R Greenwood - GOOD BUT, NOT AS I GOOD AS I REMEMBER.

    I loved this product when I bought it at Costco. Now, that they don't carry it and I can't find it. I'm paying much more ordering it from Amazon and I wouldn't care except, this isn't quite the same product. I can't compare exactly because I ran out of the Costco Creamy Mash way before I found them on Amazon. These seem less white in color in the package. They don't seem to smell the same and it seems that they don't mix as smoothly as they did before. I need them to mix without any lumps as easily as possible because I use them mixed with other ingredients in a feeding tube. I may not buy them again unless it's from Costco or a store where I can be sure they are as fresh as possible. I did check the expiration date and these seem to be fine but, I really don't know who I'm dealing with when I get them from a second party at Amazon. If it had been the same as I remember, I would've given them 5 stars.

  • Carmabear - The mositurizer leaves my skin feeling great. Without having to feel like I have put ...

    Been using the product for about a week and a half. The mositurizer leaves my skin feeling great. Without having to feel like I have put a product on my face that is overbearing and will leave my skin broken out. Since using my skin is smooth, and I don't have to worry about dry skin.

  • Digi5150 - The rules of the game!

    Ok here's the absolute truth to the cleanse drinks. First off, spend $30 or more on your choice detox(I prefer omni products...the one ounce liquid with 4 capsules or the 32oz. Extra strength) now here's where you must follow directions or your loss. First off don't use for at least 24 hours prior to test when using extra strength and 48 hours for the one ounce and 4 capsule the night prior to test try and stay clear of eating greasy foods In excess, and only a light breakfast the morning of test. It's best to only drink at most one cup of juice milk or anything besides water with breakfast or prior to test. Drink water one cup at a time and not a gallon at a time. Urinate at least twice before using cleanse. Now roughly two hours before test take your preferred cleanse. When you take your cleanse ONLY drink 40oz of water!! Urinate 3-4 times at least prior to testing. While every time you urinate drink another 10-14oz of water (to keep the necessary amount of liquid needed inside bladder) when the time comes to test it is a great thing to do a pretest at home. But a very very important fact is never ever hold your urine! The toxins will build up if so. Let it go, more is on the way! So I strongly believe everyone that follows these instructions will never have another violation, application to fill or family member angry. Good luck!

  • JOHNBOY - It works, great product!

    My wife and I started to use this oral rinse several months ago and we both find that it helps to eliminate dry mouth symptoms caused by medication. The greatest benefit is that When I went to my dentist for cleaning a couple of days ago my dentist found that after 6 months I had no plaque or tarter. This product has saved me quite a bit of money by reducing dental cleaning. I have saved enough $ in dentist charges to more than pay for Biotene rinse, gel, and toothpaste. Thanks Amazon and Biotene.

  • Amazon Customer - My baby was a colicky mess! Started using these ...

    My baby was a colicky mess! Started using these daily and it really seemed to help regulate his tummy troubles. They are a daily morning ritual and we NEVER miss a dose! Worth EVERY penny, and cheaper on Amazon by $10 than the drug store