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  • Ink_On_My_Hands - I'd never used argan oil before, so I thought ...

    I'd never used argan oil before, so I thought this was an expensive little bottle. Turns out this bottle will last quite a while. I bought this in January and I still have about 1/4 of the bottle left, even using it after every shower (about 3-4 times a week) on long hair. It has really improved the texture of my hair, and I've noticed that if I use this and let my hair air-dry, my curls are more defined. My hair is softer, shinier, and tangles less. When I run out, I'll be buying more.

  • tacticness - Really good... But damn ubisoft

    So it does what it says, it hears my guitar right, it introduces and teaches songs steadly and really helps you learn.

  • Lydia R. - My daughter is pleased (ACTUAL PURCHASE)

    My daughter has had the Leappad 2 for just under a year. (I've written a review for that, including that she brings it to bed more often than dolls or bears). Two days ago I placed the Leappad Ultra in her hands...I wished I had video taped it. She was watching the Magic School Bus on the LP2 and I started up on the LPU and handed it to her. Her jaw dropped, she stopped singing (maybe breathing) and couldn't take her eyes off it. My friend and I were asking her if she liked it, if she's Ok, calling her name... she was in a daze, literally. About 3 minutes after she was able to respond. "Mummy I love it I love it l love wow wow". She proceeded to investigate the location of the buttons. She wanted to know how all the new (included apps) worked and began clicking on icons. Sometimes I observed her just sitting holding it with a smile. When I inquired she said: "the game is loading". The first night she stayed up 2 hours past her bedtime, allowing her to play constantly for about 6-7 hours. No issues... except the loading time which she has not complained about. She has about 16 apps from before. She had re-played more than half. She said "wonder if this (cartridge) would work". I left her to try and she came to me with a colorful, grainy frozen screen. I don't know if she removed the cartridge while game on... possible, because when I shut down, insert cartridge and started it was good and she was saying "I didn't want that cartridge again". She is 6 years old, by the way. Favorite app is the Pet Party. Her only complaint was that sometimes she doesn't actually touch the screen, but by hovering over it engages the screen and maybe does something she didn't want done. So I guess her LPU is ultra responsive.