Benzocaine, Lidocaine Base/hcl, Phenacetin - Changzhou Wujin Feida Chemical Co., Ltd - With the full set of the test equipments and assay instruments,our plant boasts its powerful technical strength. At present,we mainly specializes in the manufactruing of medicine chemical products like Benzocaine,Lidocaine base/hcl and Phenacetin, ...

  • benzocaine - Changzhou Wujin Feida Chemical Co., Ltd - Product Name: Benzocaine Synonyms: AETHOFORM;anesthesin;AKOS BBS-00003658;4-AMINOBENZOIC ACID ETHYL ESTER;LABOTEST-BB LTBB000527;H-4-ABZ-OET;ETHYL 4-AMINOBENZOATE;ETHYL P-AMINOBENZOATE CAS: 94-09-7 MF: C9H11NO2 MW: 165.19 EINECS: 202-303-5

    Country:, Asia, KR

    City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • Rich Dickhart - It's not just a job but an adventure. Go Navy!!!

    This was for my grandson who is planning on enlisting in the Navy after high school. Lots of good info and recommended by the recruiters.

  • Kermit E. Barker - My tablet is now better than Mose's

    My subscription lapsed after nearly 50 years as a subscriber, and I picked up the tablet service as an extra. I wanted the tablet service with my renewal since I am on an extended trip abroad. I was able to read on the archive all the back issues I missed. Totally terrific technological advance. The only complaint I have is that the New Yorker page will not orient itself in all directions.

  • Azoth - Great Product

    Well built and pretty rugged. Very useful for charging smartphones, batteries and other manners of electronic devices.

  • Mountain Man - Over priced and still behind times..

    When I saw the price of Visio I was totally stunt. Is Microsoft kidding or is this just a typo?! Really, is this software really worth over $500 while other superior packages are cheaper?

  • Marilyn J. Adams - Excellent!

    This software is very easy to use with step by step instructions and friendly userface. In a world of predators, every parent or guardian out there needs to protect what they love most: their family and their investments. With this software I was able to monitor my familys usage with time limits, find out who they were talking to before they were led astray and even monitor the items they downloaded onto my computer. A+ Mcaffee!

  • Russell D. Dixon - A Repeat of Earlier Horn Material

    Great book if you haven't read Horn's other books. If you have, save your money as there is maybe ten pages of new material in this book. The rest of the book is material that has already been covered in previous books.

  • Ed Albert - Best Pick-Up Truck

    Excellent suspension, very economic 3.5lt engine, luxury features, highest re-sale prices in the market.