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  • Bob Lasky - Long time Quickbooks user

    I have been using Quickbooks to manage my business for many years. I always upgrade it when a new version comes out. This one Migrates better than any of the past versions. I think and am hoping that the on line banking is improved. Time will tell.

  • Ken Stone - Runs Cool Fast Processor

    Runs Cool Fast Processor! now if only AMD would come out with Zen so we could have some competition to lower Intel's prices !

  • Award21 - DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

    First response use to be the golden standard! It was everyone's "go-to"! It's been my go to for the last 6 years! Not anymore. The new design is AWFUL! I got 2 false positive yesterday. Plain as day, a beautiful 2nd line. Bloodwork 1 hour later? My beta was less than 3. For someone who's been ttc for 2.5 years, it's a huge blow and completely heart breaking!!! The company should focus more on fixing this garbage of a test or bring back the old one rather than making a "Bluetooth test" which is probably garbage too.

  • grammymoody - Like the low acid of this coffee

    I had tried the coffee before. I drink it because of the no acid. I have reflux very badly and this coffee doesn't bother my reflux. I do not care for the taste especially, it taste like any instant coffee, but I drink it for the caffeine and that morning coffee "fix"... very expensive... with the shipping cost, 40.00 for 30 cups of coffee!

  • Cassie Rhodes - I Love This Product As It Is One That I Trust

    Growing up and even into my twenties, I never received proper vitamins and minerals. This was my mother's fault growing up but my own fault when I was grown. I also, chose to put some terrible things into my body. Before I share, with you, my personal thoughts of this product, I would like to first, tell you that, yes, I did receive this Prime Mind brain Health Formula by Natrogix in exchange for my own personal opinion of it, however, in no way am I obligated to leave a good review, nor was I asked to do so. I was only asked to try the product and then give my honest opinion of it. Because of how careless I have been, it important that I, now, take important steps to stay healthy. Taking all natural dietary supplements, such as this one, is part of it. This product is packed full of ingredients to have your brain and mind in the best of shape. I have ordered other supplements from them, and I can tell you that from my own personal experience of using their products that I know that they use high quality ingredients to make their products. I like the fact that I don't have to buy several products for different areas of my body or health issues. They put everything you need into one dietary supplement. I trust this company. I love the fact that this product has been tested in a lab, it is made in the United States and in an FDA registered facility and it also has the GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice seal. I highly recommend purchasing this product as I an very satisfied with it, as long as one is over the age of eighteen and isn't pregnant, of course. It, most definitely, receives a well-deserved five star review from me.

  • Amazon Customer - It doesn't get any better. Whoever is giving it 4 and 5 stars ...

    I got the first and second book because it kept being advertised to me and I saw lots of rave reviews. Don't be fooled! First off, the book is part of a 29 set series. Yes, 29. They try to hook you in with a free first book then expect you to pay 4 dollars for each on after. It is very poorly written. There is no character development at all. The main characters change their minds for no reason and aren't very deep at all. Since the pov for the book changes with every chapter, I have to look sometimes to see whose pov I'm reading because all the characters sound the same. I was looking for a new series to read. I'm a fan of the Shadowhunter series and Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. Those books are actually well written and thought out. This series is a rambling mess. See for yourself if you don't believe me but do yourself and stop after the first. It doesn't get any better. Whoever is giving it 4 and 5 stars is someone who possibly likes the story but has no idea what good writing is. I tried reading the reviews for the books that come later in the series to see if it got better but they were the same. Just don't.