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    As soon as my new ThruNite TN12 EDC LED 1000 LUMENS Flashlight order came in FROM AMAZON; I had to see what all the UTUBE Video praises were all about! I was rocking a 300 lumens Flashlight at the time. I compared both Flashlights. And it was like comparing a 5watt LED to a DEATHSTAR! OMG! I didn't need to BLINK! The THRU-NITE's raw BLINDING power came alive in my hand! I came to the quick realization that the Thru Nite TN-12 was all and MORE than it was advertised! My little AA300 lumens flashlight managed to sadly slink away and mysteriously disappeared into the oblivion void of my toolbox! I just had to re-order another one for my Wingman J"s upcoming Birthday! My fingers were a blurr on my keyboard and I re-ordered a new THRU-NITE TN-12. The delivery came in really fast!

  • John M. Couvillon - Very good read

    The author does a very good job of detailing the "behind the scenes" action from both candidates, including President Obama's "get out the vote" apparatus. Must buy for the political junkies out there !

  • Curtis - Smaller than expected, but also brighter than expected. ...

    Smaller than expected, but also brighter than expected. You use a paper clip or the provided "key" to enable the light. I wasn't able to mount it right away because it was -6 degrees outside so it just sat on the table for a few days. Someone accidentally pushed it off the table and it dropped about 30" to laminate flooring. Hasn't worked since. I haven't opened it up yet to see if one of the solder nodes popped off. This shouldn't be a problem if you mount it, but just mount it in a place that won't get hit by anything hard. I purchased this product at a discounted rate in exchange for an unbiased review.

  • Christopher P. - Nav is getting there, but needs more

    Great to have. They still need to work on navigation links and cut the price to $1.99 (it's the proven price point). But it IS a hell of a lot easier than he easily disintegratable paper copies for the same outrageous price. Now if more team-officials and fans would actually read it and understand it....

  • Pudgy - JD fan who loves the new JD, obv. Couple of gripes.

    Nutwiisystem.Com's review pretty much covers it, but there are some things I want to add and emphasize.