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  • Debra M. Jackson - Love Maxine!!!

    I got this calendar for my mom who is 93 years old. It really brightens up her days and she loves it!

  • Avid Amazonian - You get what you pay for

    This is an "okay" projector. First let me clarify, I am a film nerd, I own a 65 inch HDTV that is never big enough, yada yada yada... I was not expecting this projector to be top of the line for what I paid for it. I get that... I own that... but I was still slightly underwhelmed by this overall.

  • Bookreporter - Wonderfully told and terrific from beginning to end

    I expected a good story between the covers of THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR. What I got was a terrific, even superior one. Yes, there are books with similar plots out there right now, all of them being heralded as the next...well, you can fill in the blank. This one, though, travels into uncharted territory. You will not be able to put it down for any reason whatsoever until you finish it. Debut novelist Shari Lapena makes it easy for you to do so. Each word, from first page to last, tugs and cajoles you right along, compelling you to want to know what happens next.

  • Zmill1 - Works, Drying And Strong Too

    I have used this several times for different skin things. It works fine, the tea tree is the strongest of any soap I've found yet. But the actual soap itself really leaves something to be desired. In the future I would recommend that you go to your nearest heath food store and buy a medium bottle of Dr. Bronners Tea Tree liquid castille soap and a .5-1oz sized bottle of 100% Tea Tree Oil then add the oil to the soap.

  • AndyH - Worked so far.

    Cleared my Check Engine issue so far. Oxygen sensor #2 on the outlet of the catalytic converter was reading 0.5V to 0.9V and cause E0420 Efficiency faults. Ran this through a tank and the sensor #2 voltage is 0.0V. The check engine light has not come back after 2 tanks of gas. Price is quite high though.