Climb Kilimanjaro with Team Kilimanjaro - any dates, group size and routes - Climb Kilimanjaro with Team Kilimanjaro, Tanzania's leading operators. Enjoy customised dates and climbing route. Get individual attention from the experts.

  • Kilimanjaro Hotels | Team Kilimanjaro - For a list of Kilimanjaro hotels that TK works with, please see this link. Climbers can select from a wide range of standard, mid-range and luxury hotels for their stay.
  • Zawadi House | Team Kilimanjaro - Zawadi House is a Spanish tile-roofed hotel, situated away from the main road. It served as TK’s HQ for around 3 years before being turned into a hotel in 2011.
  • African Tulip I Team Kilimanjaro - The African Tulip is an African contemporary boutique hotel, favourably compared to the Nairobi Hilton. Serving French, Indian, Tanzanian food.
  • Kigongoni Lodge, Arusha, Tanzania - Kigongoni Lodge is set on top of a small hill, around 10km east of Arusha, convenient for trips to Arusha, Mount Meru, Mount Kilimanjaro and JRO Airport.
  • Standard Hotels Arusha | Team Kilimanjaro - Team Kilimanjaro recommends the following standard hotels Arusha to their customers: the Outpost Lodge, Le Jacaranda and Arusha Naaz.
  • Outpost Lodge, Arusha - The Outpost Lodge is the best standard grade hotel in Arusha, on a quiet road within walking distance from the Arusha clock tower and local shops.
  • Le Jacaranda | Team Kilimanjaro - Le Jacaranda is a standard range quiet hotel in Arusha town centre that Team Kilimanjaro recommends to their climbers. Please access this link to find out if this the right option for you.
  • Arusha Naaz Hotel - Arusha Naaz Hotel is recommended for budget travellers who still want to enjoy a central location before or after they climb Kilimanjaro.
  • Mid Range Hotels Arusha | Team Kilimanjaro - This page contains a list of the mid range hotels in Arusha that Team Kilimanjaro recommends to its customers before and/or after their climb.
  • Bay Leaf Hotel - The Bay Leaf Hotel is a luxurious option for travellers to Tanzania. This boutique type hotel, offers a pampering experience after an arduous Kilimanjaro climb.
  • Impala Hotel | Team Kilimanjaro - Impala Hotel is a popular stop off point for Kilimanjaro climbers and for those going on a safari. Mid-range hotel recommended by Team Kilimanjaro.
  • L'Oasis Lodge, Arusha - L'Oasis Lodge is a mid-range atmospheric hotel recommended by TK and is situated 15 minutes' drive from Arusha in a rural area.
  • KIA Lodge | Team Kilimanjaro - KIA Lodge is very close to Kilimanjaro International Airport and represents the perfect option for climbers on a very restricted timeline.
  • Karama Lodge | Team Kilimanjaro - Karama Lodge is situated in semi-rural, at the foothills of Mount Meru. It is a mid-range hotel and it would pose a challenge for those with restricted mobility because of the multitude of stairs.
  • Luxury Hotels in Arusha, Tanzania - A list of the luxury hotels Arusha that Team Kilimanjaro recommends to prospective climbers who wish to have a more exquisite experience while in Tanzania.
  • Arusha Safari Lodge | Team Kilimanjaro - Arusha Safari Lodge is situated on a volcanic hill, with great views of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru. Thanks to its location, it is ideal for relaxation.
  • Arusha Coffee Lodge - Arusha Coffee Lodge is situated on a coffee estate, north of the city. Great option for early flights. Food is prepared from organic produce from the estate.
  • Arumeru River Lodge - Arumeru River Lodge is a family run lodge, situated on a previous 12-acre coffee plantation, almost halfway between JRO airport for Kilimanjaro and Arusha.
  • Kibo Palace Hotel, Arusha - Kibo Palace Hotel is a modern and friendly hotel, situated within easy walking distance of downtown Arusha. It is one of the luxury hotels recommended by TK.
  • Machweo | Team Kilimanjaro - Machweo is run by the same owners as Onsea thus being a luxury hotel in Arusha. It's a great option for those seeking relaxation after their Kilimanjaro climb.
  • Moivaro Lodge | Team Kilimanjaro - Moivaro Lodge is situated close to the Arusha Airport on a quiet side street. The excellent levels of service make it a popular local for those who climb with TK.
  • Onsea House | Team Kilimanjaro - Onsea House in Arusha is arguably the best hotel in Arusha. Regularly booked by Team Kili as an upgrade option, the food and service here is world class.
  • Palace Hotel, Arusha, Tanzania - The Palace Hotel was completed in February 2012 and it is located in central Arusha. It is a luxurious accommodation with views over the town and Mount Meru.
  • Rivertrees Country Inn, Arusha, Tanzania - The Rivertrees Country Inn is a relaxing place for recharging pre- and post- climbing / safari tours of Africa. Its colonial style rooms and western menu make it a pleasant destination to go to.
  • Kilimanjaro Videos | Team Kilimanjaro - What's it like climbing Kilimanjaro? Watch Kilimanjaro videos that follow the progress of some professional rugby players as they rise to the challenge.
  • About Us | Team Kilimanjaro - Get to know some pivotal figures within TK through our About Us page. David, Bianca and Ally are all names you will be encountering in your interactions with us.
  • Kilimanjaro Prices - Competitive Kilimanjaro prices to suit a range of budgets. Team Kilimanjaro offers different support levels to suit trekkers with a variety of expectations.
  • Help with Choosing the Best Kilimanjaro Dates for Your Climb - Team Kilimanjaro is able to schedule Kilimanjaro dates on any day of the year, for groups of any size. This page shows dates already scheduled.
  • Live Climber Reports | Team Kilimanjaro - To update their family and friends at home on how climbers are doing on a day to day basis, TK has offers live climber reports via their blog.

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