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  • G. Murphy - Brew Buddy personalizes your coffee

    This is a perfect item. I like stronger coffee and looked hard to find something that will allow the grounds to steep in water for as long as I choose. I tried all kinds of filter holders. I've had this for about six months now and just ordered two more for gifts. The Brew Buddy also has a slightly angled top to direct overfill back into the filter. there is a lip on the underside to keep it over your cup. Cleverly designed and perfect for my needs. I paid full price for this item and did not receive any compensation for my review.

  • Mr. Schultz - THE WORST!!!!!

    This is useless program I got a virus in 6 months and it could not get rid of it. I went to Kaspersky Web site and they have another down load to get rid of "Malware virus". Well if it so complete then why is this download not included in the program? Why because it doesn't work either! So I went and bought Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2013 1 User for $23.00. I had used them before for 4 years and never had a problem. Trend Micro went in to my computer and cleaned in up for $10.00 and they will do that for the rest of the year for no more money just the $10.00 I already paid. Good luck with trying to get that from Kaspersky. Do not buy anything from Kaspersky they are like Norton a TOTAL RIP OFF!!! I HATE THIS PROGRAM it is overhyped!!!

  • ZoneIII - Not impressed.

    After reading reviews of this product, I decided to try it on my lawn mower engine. There's a YT video where someone does a similar test. (It's an excellent video!) However, I didn't get the same results. I first inspected the piston for carbon build-up before using this product as recommended (and as done in the video mentioned above) but, unlike that video, I saw no difference in the carbon deposits after using Sea Foam. My inspection was done with a fiber optic camera as was done in the video.