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  • V. Tiller - Crappy Customer Service

    I received my order with four missing items and when I contacted them directly I got an awful run around ignoring my request to properly fulfill the order (which they have not nor now will they contact me at all).

  • SirCodesALot - Great Device, mediocre touch screen.

    I am fairly new to cycling. I started tracking my rides with a cheap bike computer. It did not give me any usable metric other than speed and distance. Edge 820 was a great investment and I am enjoying it. Below are some of the Pros and Cons from my few uses

  • colo_chic - DOOMSDAY!

    It's definately worth adding to the collection. I would say better than "Volcano" a notch above "the Day after Tomorrow" in acting . . . and right up there with Deep Impact in terms of action and suspense. Good movie! But be in the mood to be a little freaked out or want to go out and stock up on supplies. hahaha!

  • David M. Lewis - Beginners only

    It's okay for a beginner but there is no way you are going to make a good deck out of this. You simply do not get enough redundancy of good cards. For a good deck you may often want 4 of the same creatures, at least two of similar spells. With this, you just get a mash of various stuff. With one box you have all the lands you need. After that, you must try to throw together some type of deck, but it's often not focused on any particular strategy or theme. For the price get what you pay for.

  • Matt F - About 1 year and 60lbs later

    Not being a believer in "diets", it was a giant step for me to try a "diet supplement". I'm glad I did as I have slowly and consistently lost weight (and more important to me, body fat). I've been in "maintenence mode" now for about 3 or 4 months (no longer trying to reduce body fat just taking steps to stop it coming back). The weight I lost happened over roughly 8 months. Was this a miracle diet supplement? No. However, this product, the coaching/information from Realdose, and frequent and regular exercise made a powerful combination which I attribute to my success. I learned a lot and changed my habits significantly to get back to the shape I wanted to be in.