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  • Sherrie - Not a total fix but this product has improved my skin.

    I'm 69 years old and laid in the sun at the beach during my youth. Other than having acne to this day, in past years I've always been told I have beautiful skin. As I've aged I've developed some uneven patches of darkness on my cheeks (hormonal) and a lot of age spots. Years ago I had laser treatment hoping to reduce these age spots but that did not work on my face, it did work on my hands though.

  • Pretzel - WAS a good product

    Kaspersky Internet Security has been a staple on my computers for nearly a decade now. I'm sad to see it go so downhill. Starting with Pure and now with KIS 2013, are programs filled with bugs. Pure wouldn't uninstall from any computer without having a special removal tool from Kaspersky that had to be run in Safe Mode. Now, I had KIS 2012 and it suddenly started loading really slow and the anti-banner stopped working all together. When contacting Kaspersky, I was told to update to the 2013 version. After 3 unsuccessful attempts at installing it, I had to do a clean install. Now 2013 is wreaking havoc on my computer. It loads even slower than 2012, usually takes 2 minutes to get the computer to full desktop where it used to take 30 seconds. And now it randomly just resets all its settings, aka reactivates anti-spam and deactivates anti-banner, etc. Top it off, every boot up for a week now after it finally loads it pops up an error box saying it couldn't open properly and wants to send a bug report that takes another 10 minutes to complete. Who knows what info is being sent to Kaspersky each time. Seems shady. In all, stick with Norton or AVG. I've personally never had a single problem with either of them.

  • cdstaggs - Disappointing

    Very disappointed. I was excited to try these bags since they had the portable vacuum, which would make my weekly packing easier. However, after trying all the bags only 3 of the 15 bags hold their seal. The others re-inflate in 30 minutes to a couple of hours. And, unfortunately not all of the bags have the valves to take advantage of the vacuum.

  • Liss28 - "Now I know what my other vacuum didn't do!"

    EXCEPTIONAL! OUTSTANDING! We are thrilled with the Shark Navigator Upright Bagless NV221! The carpet looks wonderful again. I typically don't 'impulse buy', so be assured that I read MANY reviews, for MANY vacuums. I even went to Good Housekeeping online and read the "Seal of Approval" reviews. They graded this Shark an A-.

  • Christopher M Tavani - Great taste and I stack it with the Muscle Build

    Great taste and I stack it with the Muscle Build. Together they work great and I have noticed big improvements in my bench press (up 15 pounds) and squats (up 30 pounds). I take it after my workout in the mornings and I actually look forward to it. Great product!

  • Panacat - Doesn't work for everybody

    I bought this from a friend who has gotten into the Jeunesse distributor business. The reason I'm writing a review here is because I always check Amazon reviews before buying something, so I hope my review will help someone else. I've done some research on the product and I can't find anything contrary to what the company says, that this is based on findings from scientific research on stem cells. The marketing materials include testimonials from doctors that seem to exist and to be associated with this research. I haven't looked up their actual publications, though. In any case, one study carried out and published by Jeunesse indicated that, from about 86 women tested, this product did not work for about 20% of them. I seem to be in this category. I have been using the serum for over a month, day and night, without fail. I have even increased the amount I apply to my face, neck and decolletage, in case I wasn't using enough the first two weeks. I am a young-looking (according to friends and acquaintances), 41-year-old, East Indian female. I have decent skin, but over the years I have developed small wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, faded sun spots and acne scars, and my neck and chest also have fine wrinkles. I have been evaluating about three separate "problem" areas to see if there has been any change, and I do not see any. Furthermore, no one I interact with has said that I look "different" or that my skin is glowing, whereas when I did botox injections between my eyebrows, the reaction was immediate from friends and family that I looked younger and well-rested (and they didn't know about the botox). So, although none of this is very scientific, that is my assessment of the serum: that it did not work for me and is not worth the cost compared to other products that I have used to keep my skin healthy and young-looking. In my opinion, eating healthy, exercising and drinking lots of water, and hot yoga, has a better result on my skin than any product I have tried. This is based on the fact that when I was doing all of those things, that's when people would tell me how beautiful my skin was. So I'm trying to get back to that routine after falling into bad habits this last year, and it will probably cost a lot less than this serum. Hope this helps!