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  • Lamont A. Turner - Was sent the wrong color...

    I order this pair of shoes in black, but I was sent the grey pair. I specifically order the black because I want a cleaner look with the white trim around the sole and a shiner black shoe. Instead, I get the grey(that looks dinghy and worn with a light beige trim. However, the make of the shoe is very nice. It doesn't really look like a $25.00 pair of shoes.

  • Gilberto Pelayo - Great for the price!

    This new laptop is quite the upgrade from my Samsung RV520. With this new computer I can play games such as Endless Space and Civilization 5. I don't really care for any other games so this device is perfect for my needs. This computer is also very light, I love got light its is. The battery life is about 4 hours but with the power save mode you can make it last 8 hours. It is okay but I usually just keep it plugged in to the power on my desk. The graphics card is very good but after opening mozilla the driver crashed a few times. This issue was easily fixed by updating the drivers. Overall this is a very good computer for the price, It is not touch screen but I am perfectly okay with that. I haven't heard any good things about those computers.

  • Caryn Aman - Microsoft Publisher 2010

    So happy with this product. I've used Publisher for years but it wasn't loaded onto current desktop. I finally had to break down and purchase it through Amazon. I'm using it for workshop flyers, newsletters, and concert programs. Works like a charm!

  • Karen C - This floss was recommended by my dental hygienist and when I found it ...

    This floss was recommended by my dental hygienist and when I found it on Amazon, I thought I would give it a try. I haven't noticed any remarkable difference in my teeth, since I was already flossing daily, but I would definitely repurchase.

  • Krystie LeWhite - Meh.

    Smelled nice, but didn't really work. My kids both had lice again within a month. Much better results with plan old tea tree oil mixed with water in a spray bottle. Lice free for 3 mos in a school that is rampant with the stuff.

  • C. Smart - excellent product, but hard to get support

    The IT pros where I work often use Norton Antivirus on their own computers. I personally have had a good experience with it.

  • Shawn - Two thumbs up!!

    These mats are cut to perFection. I installed these on my 2016 ram crew cab 7 months ago. They have held up really well and clean very easy. They are easy to take in and out. I highly recommend them.