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  • H.C. - I love this amp! - Update 2/25/2016

    Hifonics ZRX1216.1D Zues ZRX Series Mono Block D Class 1200 Watt Vehicle Amplifier - I know a couple of people with this amp and thought I'd give it a try for myself. Everyone I've heard comment, that owns this amp has nothing but good things to say. Well, put me in that club now as well. I purchased from Amazon and had it installed by a pro shop on 2/8/2016. I am driving a single Audiofrog G10D4 (dual 4 ohm voice coil) that I purchased from Crutchfield. The sub is in a box that I built myself, spec'd by Diamond Audio for their subs. I never used it and figured I would try it out with this amp and the Audiofrog sub. I am drawing a 2 ohm load from the amp and let me tell you, I love the combination. It is loud and deep, and now that I think of it, more power and bass than what I was actually looking to achieve. No regrets though, that's what the bass knob/volume is for! I purchased the amp for $104.95, Amazon Prime.

  • Brenda - Made me sick!

    This product makes me very sick: nausea, diarrhea, dehydration. I'm not sure what ingredient causes these symptoms in some people. I routinely take Wellesse liquid glucosamine with no problems but only use the Schiff tables when traveling. After 3 trips I finally figured out I was not experiencing food poisoning from eating on the road, but a direct correlation between taking these tablets and becoming very sick within hours.