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  • Audra Galiano - Excellent for Highway interstate trip

    Just bought this and used it on our crosscountry road trip- 11 states, 4,000 miles. We were towing our RV and the markings for large trucks and truck stops made it the best reference guide I have used to date. As noted by another reviewer it works more like a phone book but is laid out by State, Interstate and then mile marker referenced. All the interstate rest stops are noted as well. I would buy this again for all the details on each exit.

  • Katie Casey - Get your life in order!

    A great book with real insights and action steps to help you tackle your problem areas and make your life count. Hybels goes over your energy level, your calendar, your finances, your work, your relationships, and what might be distracting you from God's plan for you. Very helpful and a fantastic read!

  • don.p - good action camera during daylight but in low light or ...

    good action camera during daylight but in low light or say at night not that great the image looks pixelated and not sharp or in focus. If someone can help me to get to look sharper at night let me know what settings i can use.

  • A. Black - Terrible.

    Okay so, I've been wanting this sim ever since it came out, so I asked my mother if I could get it, I bought it then started playing it, didn't lag, but then it starts lagging so much that I absolutely HATE IT! But other than that it's a really good game, you should absolutely fix the lag. I also have a few suggestions for new games, a ultimate cat SIM, where you start out as a kitten/young cat, and you can make a server or a private server. A forest SIM and you have the option of being a raccoon, a wolf, a blue Jay, a deer, a squirrel etc.