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  • Dani - It works

    i have been using this along with the maca root capsules for the past two weeks. i also use it in conjunction with the gym and i have seen a slight increase in these two weeks especially around the thigh area and my butt. The increase however is slight.

  • Joyce - Awesome product compared to others.

    I bought one for myself since I work in my home, and prefer a mic system instead of talking on speaker phone. No issues at all! Clients can hear me clearly, and vice versa! Love it so much, I bought one for my husband since he travels for work and drives a lot. He loves it, too! Reasonably priced. Easy installation. Comfortable to wear. LOVE IT!

  • Stevev L. - Highly recommended

    I was wearing on of those cheap white standard drug store braces which didn't help much. This back brace however has saved my back multiple times both while doing everyday chores as well as tougher farm work. It looks bulky in the picture but conceals well and stays in place well even without the shoulder straps