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  • Jennifer Marie - So Happy!

    So so so happy with this purchase. My newborn hated every other kind of swing and I bought this out of desperation because I wanted to be able to have him sleep somewhere other than my arms. This works great for that. It's soft, the different settings are awesome, and we love being able to plug the MamaRoo in (no batteries) and also plug our music in. It's so great.

  • Sandra E. Simmons - Weight loss formula 1

    Has not worked for me wish I had bought Acaitrim which did work for me and was cheaper!!!! Will not purchase again!

  • Arancha - Words cannot express how horrible this product is

    Words cannot express how horrible this product is. After a tedious data entry, I could not get the form to print to PDF with the line items corresponding to the amounts. I decided to shut down the computer and try again. The program then would not start indicating I had to reinstall. This is garbage and I seriously recommend you do NOT purchase it. I now have to do the very thing I did not want to do and go back to a paper form.

  • Ron Baker - Epic destruction

    Excellent action and special effects are front and center in this tension filled global disaster film. The action is big and starts early in the story. Grand, epic events unfold at a breakneck pace and it is all very well done. If you like big summer popcorn flicks you will love 2012.

  • thia - Buy swifter but not their wet or dry pads; use with microfiber pads

    I move to a 1000 sq ft apatment with almost all white tiles and it was so difficult to clean. I needed something and thought the swiffer would help. Their wet pads just pushed dirt all over, left dirt lines and didn't even clean around the grout lines even though I went through the area first with the dry pads for dirt. I would go through ~10 wet pads to "clean" my floors plus I would then have to go over the entire floor with my mircofiber towels. That did the job so I thought if I can replace their pads with a microfiber pads, it might work so I went on Amazon and found a microfiber cleaning pad, Tersano cleaning cloths and they fit the Swiffer head. It works!!! I don't have to continuously buy their chemical pads to fill our landfills. The Tersano cloth pads are washable and because it thicker and absorbent, it cleans much better and doesn't deposit dirt in the floor grouts. The investment in the Tersano pads was ~$6.00 and the original Swiffer starter kit was ~$11; not bad considering a typical sponge mop is ~$18 and are horrible on tile. Buy the Swiffer but don't waste money or time with their wet or dry pads.

  • James Boyd - Mobil 1 great product

    Changed out rear diff. fluid on 2001 Silverado for first time and figured I would use the best with Mobil 1. It received high reviews on forums from other individuals who have replaced rear diff. fluid. Treat your car to the best, and avoid headaches down the road.

  • Ms. Tee - I had to return these because they didn't fit.

    It's a GE thing. Pans must be matched to specific model numbers. I had forgotten and thought that they would fit all models of GE electric ranges. Not so. I should have remembered. The seller was very considerate about returning them and prompt to issue credit.