Living with Dementia and Sundowning - Living with dementia is not easy for anyone. Reach out to multiple caregiver support groups to learn how you can live with dementia and sundowners.

  • Sundowners diagnosis - Identifying sundowning syndrome - Sundowners diagnosis is similar to a diagnosis for dementia or Alzheimer's although symptoms are contained to the periods after sunset.
  • Radical shift in therapeutic use of cannabis - - Cannabis today is almost uncontested in it's treatment for aging patients suffering from a variety of ailments including dementia.
  • Sundowners after a visit to the hospital - - Tips on how to manage a hospitalization when your loved one has Alzheimer's disease, dementia, Sundowner Syndrome. Hospital delirium in the elderly.
  • Learn How to Cope with Sundowners and End of Life - Coping with Sundowners Syndrome can be difficult. The reality of end of life preparations and counseling can make it even harder.
  • Respite Care for caregivers- Getting help with mom - Respite care for caregivers is the care that caregivers provide for themselves. It is a vital ingredient to the care of others.

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  • T. Travis - Not great, but not bad either.

    Not a bad read. It didn't knock my socks off, though. And I did not like the "before" and "after" format...made the story too disjointed. Maybe it would have worked better if some chapters were combined and less jumping around. Overall OK. I am giving it 4 stars because it was way better than the free book I picked last month!

  • Nunya - I decided to go for the bigger bottle

    I have been using Garnier Fall fight Shampoo, for about a year now. I was purchasing the smaller bottle. That mean always having to order more. This time I decided to save myself the trouble and time, and, purchase the larger bottle. The thing with fall fight is that you have to be consistent in it's use. I have problems with my scalp too, so, I have to use non-zinc pyrithione dandruff shampoo too. The dandruff can contribute to hair falling out, too. I started taking vitamins. My doctors diagnosed me with vitamin d3 deficiency and vitamin b12 deficiency. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with my loosing my hair. I think this shampoo helps with falling hair. But, as I said, you have to be consistent. I also like the super saver, where shipping is free.

  • Webbuyer - I contacted the seller before buying to make sure it ...

    I contacted the seller before buying to make sure it would fit for my Mazda CX-5. It did perfectly!! Worth every penny.

  • Marjorie Miles - Informative - Complex and Technical Reading ~ but..

    I had to continuously put the book down. It had this weird effect on me. Almost demonic in nature. I could not read it all in one sitting. I read and based on how I was feeling when I was reading I had to put it down. Too much doom and gloom for my spirit.

  • Hector - Excellent product

    I recently purchased and started using Quicken to keep control and improve my personal and business finances. The experience has been excellent. Being a previous MONEY user, I am glad I finally decided to move to Quicken Home & Business. It is more user friendly, the bill and income reminders are excellent. The reports are very useful.

  • A great audio companion to the print version... - A great audio companion to the print version...

    Jim Collins does a great job of reading this book. His style helps make this a strong one-two punch if you already have the book. If you don't have the book, buy the audio to hear the passion Mr. Collins obviously has for this topic. It seems jaded to say "everything you've heard about business leadership is wrong", but Jim has the data to support that supposition. Every executive should read -- and listen -- to this book... So should the people who work for them. If you've already suffered through the cartoonish "Who moved my Cheese?" or scary near-fascism of "Execution: The Art of Getting Things Done", this book/audio is a breath of fresh air! Well-worth it's best-selling ranking!

  • R. McLeod - Great Buy

    This backpacks fit and finish are top quality, and you can't beat the price. I use this for riding on my scooter and it works perfectly. Lots of storage space for a smaller sized bag, and the straps adjust well to hone in a comfortable fit. I especially like the strap clips on the belt that keep the excess strap from flapping around all willy-nilly. I searched for weeks for a backpack under $30 and none matched up to this one. No regrets with my purchase. The free delivery did take a while longer than expected, but there was a three-day weekend and a hurricane that played a factor in that.