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  • Sudie - Great product

    I first used this shampoo at a hotel and really liked it. It smells great and leaves my hair very clean and shiny.

  • MG C - Kept up at night by the models used by the justice system -- is BIG DATA at Fault?

    My husband called me to listen to this mornings Executive Edge CNBC report on "Big Data" . Once I got past the headlines seemly bent on scaring us to get our attention -- privacy and know all - be all- implications of data analysis going astray, I kept listening because it hit a nerve.

  • Amy Wolf - could be better. Compact and easy enough to store

    I have only used it a few times, but no complaints so far. Noise level is moderate to low, not obnoxious. The grind is even enough, could be better. Compact and easy enough to store, and I have a tiny kitchen so that it nice. Overall good for the price :)

  • Brooke - UTIs no more!

    Life savers for people who get frequent UTIs. Take them daily like vitamins and never suffer again! (Drink plenty of water also).

  • chris - Was just what I was expecting.

    Very informative book, but requires that you have at least a little knowledge in the field as it doesn't explain "why" you would do certain things. With that said, the "why" should be left up to an instructor and so the book accomplishes its task.

  • DAVERAT - Good value even with the S/h - A product my home cannot live without!

    We used to buy 3 of the 4 ounce size at a local gift shop for $19.95 each which comes to $59.85. I ordered this large bottle plus a 4 ounce bottle of the No. 2 scent (which I prefer) and it came to 40.42 - a savings of 19.43 which is almost like getting the 4 ounce bottle for free! That's a good value when you consider how important this stuff can become to the peaceful coexistence of man and woman!