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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • mvp1984 - "Energizer" name doesn't guarantee quality control

    This charger arrived broken. Unclear what the problem was, but it simply did not work. Plugged in but no power. Returned and replaced with one of the crazy Chinese ones, "EBL" brand?, but that one works great.

  • Aravind S. Ravindran - Great little PC!!

    Just it before time. It is a awesome little thing!! Cannot believe how great this PC on a stick works. Steamed few videos works good. I bought a iPazzPort 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Keyboard Remote Control with Multi-Touch Trackpad Mouse Combo Set with it from Amazon. I had problems with wifi initial while trying to use the keyboard combo so I setup the PC with a physical keyboard and mouse first and then once i got past the initial Windows 10 setup disabled Bluetooth and then I used the usb reciever with the keyboard and paired it and it works great. Not sure if it was the Bluetooth trying to communicate with the the keyboard reciever

  • P. Macedo - Great Software!!!

    I really enjoy the Crack the DAT software. I have tried many products and this one is by far the best I have seen. Crack the DAT Ultimate Bundle Package has many different tests and the feedback function is very helpful. The feedback function allows you to see what your strong points are and what you need to focus on to improve your overall score. Get this product if you want an edge in studying for the DAT!!!

  • Megan - Awesome

    I have tried other products by BaeBody and always love their products. I was offered this at a discount and I was excited to try this one out as well.

  • Anthony Elliott - One of the greatest products that I have in my garage...

    I have had this product now for a few years and it works great. It is usually on a battery everyday desulferating it as I have at least 10 batteries in the yard between vehicles and boats and solar devices. Usually if you get 5 years out of a battery you are doing okay and that is kind of the average because most people don't maintain batteries and they don't service them until there is a problem and their vehicle doesn't start for example. I routinely check water levels on the batteries and then stick the batteries on this device for 3 or days straight which cleans them up and brings them back to almost new and now I hope to double the life of every battery that I have which would be 10 years use. This is simple to use and once you hook it up to a battery you can just leave it and you don't have to worry. I will buy another one of these but this one is still going strong and is great!!

  • AmazonJunky - Beware of Black MOLD in the hand-held wand!!

    I've had one of these for years now and I never really gave it much though, but the water that goes inside of the button to stop the water as well as the nozzle lets water sit inside of the handle and after time black-mold starts to grow! Just look at this picture:

  • courtneyb - awesome product

    Love it!! Works great and leaves my hair looking so beautiful!! I was worried since the price was so cheap, but it is the REAL thing!!!