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  • Lisa - Five Star

    I have always wanted one of these because sometimes it is hard to get my kids to sit long enough for the other kinds to read their temps. This is very easy to use. Very nice to have a thermometer that works for the little ones and the bigger of my babies also. received this product at discount or free.

  • Frank Loving - Works well, but somewhat hard to install, since ...

    Works well, but somewhat hard to install, since I am not a computer genius. They have finally fixed it so you don't lose time if you install it early.

  • 2011 tacoma - tc-2961

    body armor bumper fits and looks pretty good. the only problem is there is no tag lights or place to mount factory lights. i had to buy a universal light.

  • A. Versalles-Curtis - The Best Purchase You'll Ever Make!

    Twenty years ago when I was a teenage bride, I purchased this Le Creuset pot. At the time I couldn't cook, (I am now a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu), but fell in love with the look and colors of this wonderful product. My new husband didn't not fall in love with the price, he always says I can pick out the most expensive item in any line up! Well, twenty years later he agrees with me, and now he goes shopping for other Le Creuset items! This is the best pot I own. It looks as new as the day I bought it, and I wouldn't lend my Le Creuset out to a soul. It holds heat beautifully and makes sauces like a champ. I have purchased and thrown away many other brands of kitchenware over the years that couldn't hold a candle to my Le Creuset. I have read other reviews, and yes it is a heavy pot, but much like life you get used to the extra weight, and I almost don't notice the weight now ... of the pot I mean:) I will not buy anything else and plan on buying more Le Creuset in the future. FYI, the green pepper casserole dish is adorable, check it out!