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  • Lllwillie - Bought For Grandaughter

    I bought this cell phone for my grandaughter and she loves it! I love the price. She loves the fact that it was easy to set up, it has two cameras (front and back), loves the color, the clear screen, and most of all---SHE LOVES EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!

  • Carolyn Hill - Gun doesn't calibrate

    The gun just won't calibrate. I tried 2 different wii remotes, and no matter what I did, I couldn't get it to calibrate. I wasted over an hour trying to fix it before I started googling and found that most people are having gun issues. It's getting returned. Total piece of junk!

  • Tammy Warren - Great solar lights

    These are awesome solar lights. I placed it outdoors to add some light to my backyard and it's amazing the amount of light this thing puts off. I really like the design on the front of the lights.They look nice during the day as well. I'm probably going to get a few more so I can put them in places where I want light and not have to use electric.

  • James V. Tomasino - Doesn't Work For Me

    I have tried Align twice: first, after stomach surgery and at the suggestion of my doctor, and then, after a break of about a year, again. The first time I used it, I had EXCESSIVE gas and bloating for months. I thought it was caused by my surgery and would dissipate over time. It didn't. I never suspected Align as the culprit. I stopped taking Align and tried another probiotic I saw from a vitamin website I have used for a few years. Lo and behold, my gas and bloating problem disappeared! When I ran out of this one (only bought a 60 day supply) I came across Align at Costco and bought two boxes at a great price, still not thinking of any bad side effects from taking this. Within about a week, the gas and bloating reoccurred. I took it for two more weeks then stopped and my symptoms have improved. Align is obviously not for me. I was told after my stomach surgery that I would experience some gas and bloating but the lingering problem was caused, I believe now, by Align.

  • Sudhir - Looks good

    Good working. There is no installation manual enclosed. Correct accessories like nuts, washer etc not enclosed. Due to this it good more time to install. The product says that it is 760CFM but that is not mentioned in manual. But it is no where mentioned on product or in manual. I'm still doubt that it has 760 CFM.

  • Victor Barrero - Excellent from beginning to end

    Very well written book. Very well written analysis of the use of algorithms to determine fundamental decisions and outcomes in our day to day life. Easy read regardless of your level of knowledge of math.