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  • Tom Otway - Outstanding

    This has a great plot, a believable hero, realistic dialogue, and holds your interest every page. I read a ton of this type book,and am sick of the superhero who never misses a shot,never loses a fight. This s very realistic.

  • Happy Face - Birmingham, a face of Civil Rights failure

    I read this book understanding little about the civil rights era. By the end of the book I could see that whatever the gains in "civil rights" blacks had achieved; the transformation of Birmingham from a fresh and vibrant city in the South with its manners and more rustic ways was brutal. Birmingham was transformed into another black horror show reminiscent of Detroit and was a terrible loss to our Nation.

  • Leslie A. Fleuranges - LOVE IT!

    I was using this to stop irriation from waxing. But now I use it as a skin moisturizer, hair teatment, you name it - It's my new beauty secret! For ladies of color I would highly recommend it.

  • Rob K - Yahoo! no more cartridges.

    This printer is great, love the fact I don't have to change ink cartridges any more. We have printed many color pictures and documents and the Quality is typical for Epson printers (Very good). Time will tell for longevity of this printer but so far I have been very happy with all the features even though it was very spendy for an inkjet.

  • B. Rhoades - Excellent for knee pain

    I have had a good deal of pain in both knees over the past few years following some tennis injuries (torn meniscus/torn cartilage). I had surgery to fix both of them, however even after the surgery I still had a significant amount of pain. I was comfortable buying Penetrex because of the "Relief Guarantee" that is offered, although I don't need to use the guarantee because this product has done a good job with easing some of the pain and aching I feel in my knees. Penetrex is also less expensive than some of the other less effective joint relief products I have tried in the past. When I started using this I was applying the cream 3-4 times per day. Although some days I was able to put less on because my knees weren't as achey. I would usually put some on when I woke up since I tend to have the most pain in the mornings. I only need about 2 finger scoops per knee and you only have to apply it to the areas that you feel irritation. I like to apply this cream 30 minutes before I go to the gym because then I am able to use the elliptical without a large amount of pain. The cream itself isn't greasy and you can pretty much put it on at any time because it doesn't take long to absorb into your skin, I only have to massage it for about 1 or 2 minutes until it's completely absorbed. After it absorbs, I put on my knee brace (I don't use anything super fancy, just