Asterand Bioscience - Partners in Human Tissue Research - Asterand Bioscience is the leading global provider of high quality, well characterized human tissue and human tissue-based research solutions to drug discovery scientists. Our mission is to provide human-based solutions to accelerate the identification and validation of drug targets and enhance the selection of drug candidates with an increased likelihood of clinical success.

  • Shopping Cart - Asterand Bioscience supports human drug discovery by providing high quality, well characterized human biomaterials and preclinical research services. The benefits of using Asterand Bioscience are Validated native human targets, early drug attrition, advance promising compounds faster, fewer development failures, and reduced development costs.
  • Asterand Human Cell Lines - Human cell lines derived from breast, pancreatic, prostate cancers and hematopoetic malignacies.

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  • Amazon Customer - I have recommended it to several of my friends and they too ...

    I have always had thin, limp hair. Always. Years ago I saw an add for Invati in a magazine and called my daughter to see if she had heard any news about this product from clients (she is an Aveda stylist). She said she had heard nothing but positive comments from clients who were using the Invati line. I rolled the dice and never looked back.

  • LNPCO - Great stroller, super easy to push

    I have to say this is a great buggy for the price. We especially loved how easy this is to push, was MUCH smother than other models we test drove in store. Moves very easy even with our three year old in it and heavy diaper bag in the bottom. Also liked the ability to customize with a different colored sun hood than the red. Was fairly cheap and easy to change ours to all black and gray the way we wanted. I really wish a bar for the front where kiddo sits was included like other models, but can always buy that too as an add on. I would also love to see mountain buggy offer a snack tray for this, have to buy that from a different company for now as a few other fit, but not perfect. Every parent knows you need a place for sippy cup and goldfish crackers!

  • Felipe Rueda - Perfect fit - great look!

    Perfect fit! Very good complement for a high end vehicle. No issues with grip at all, feel exactly the same as the original rubber pedal covers, but look way better!

  • Shirley Hotop - Kenra Hair Taffy

    I have been using this product for several years but have trouble finding it in smaller communities, I have short hair and it works wonderfully after I blow dry, apply Texturizing Taffy with my finger tips and fluff and lift, gives very good hold and definition to my style.

  • GLIverson - This is my second unit from BatteryMINDer.....

    My first was a quite expensive unit designed specifically for the Gill Brand batteries in my aircraft (Almost $200 for that one!). The concept and function of these units is like no others on the market! (At least in theory that is.) The people from BM went to the battery manufacturers to get details, data, and to work with them to achieve the best maintenance chargers offered on the market today, or so they tell us in their sales info. They are NOT cheap to be sure. These high quality units should last for a very long time, and will do what no other simple charger or maintainer will do, in that they specifically modify what they do by temperature and battery condition..... even to a desulfation operation(that is, if they actually will do what they say they will do!). To achieve the longest battery life possible, and especially so if you have a unit of some type with an expensive battery that must sit idle for longer periods of time between uses, this is the best you can get. (Note: This Is Not a quick charge unit by any stretch of the imagination. It has a max. out put of 4 amps.... if that..... but it is not designed to do that either.)

  • so cal - So far so good

    I bought this bag after some deliberation because it was slightly on the pricier side, I was not familiar with Timbuk2 bags, and the look of the bag was iffy. But, it's been three weeks into my Europe trip and so far so good! The bag is great because it packs a decent amount of stuff into a flat area, which I like because when worn as a backpack (which I've done exclusively), it isn't bulky. I can move around trains and planes without bumping into people. It also fits into overhead compartments on all planes and trains as well.

  • James Edwards - Not a bad way to downsize

    After lugging my huge laptop backpack around everywhere for a few years, I decided I wanted something a little smaller and lighter for work/studying. Not liking the huge/wide standard Timbuk2 messenger bags, I was happy to see that my 15" Macbook Pro was said to fit in the small Command bag, though was a bit skeptical. It just fits with zero margin to spare, but the pocket for it is nice and both padded and ventilated. Forget about your charger though unless you don't carry any books in the bag.