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  • Daniel R - this light after a year of use

    this light what to say about it its rocks I work security and use this light for rounds luggage searches and vehicle searches

  • Artsy Fartsy - Only one that works!

    I have purchased these several several times. I'm 46 years old and have dry blond curly hair that takes FOREVER to grow. These are the only vitamins that I have seen results with!! and I have tried a TON of brands....they have a bad smell/taste when first swallowed, BUT they are worth it. I will always take these. It helps not only my hair health, it also helps my eye lash growth and my nails!!

  • phoxy - An absolute best buy

    I'm not one to write reviews but I think this is necessary. I've struggled with unwanted hair on my face for years. Shaving, plucking all leaves terrible marks on my chin, jawline and neck. I've spent hundreds of dollars for laser treatments but non seem to last. I'm not saying that this product makes the hair goes away forever but at least you will have it available for touch ups. I've been using it now for a month and I literally have to search where I may missed a spot on my face. Even my husband noticed a difference within two weeks. At first I started using it every other day or so for the first week. Then every four days now once a week. It hurts like a bitch BUT totally worth it (I usually have a drink to relax). If your suffering from unwanted hair please please invest in this product. Also make sure your complexion is not as dark as the hair. I have yellow base complexion and thick dark hair so this was perfect. Good luck!

  • Christopher Higa - The price is a good value and it only takes a small amount 5ml/50g

    I recently switched over to seachem water conditioner from the API stresscoat as I noticed it helps to neutralize toxic ammonia. The price is a good value and it only takes a small amount 5ml/50g. The product arrived quickly and as pictured. Seems to be working out fine as I havent had any disruptions in my tank. I had to dock a star because the cap on the bottle leaks. Whenever I shake the bottle, liquid comes out on my hand which is very annoying as this product does have a smell. However this is a good product overall.

  • Randy Kennedy - Amazing, interesting

    Same as the other volume. Amazing, interesting, very concerning, and certain things left one's mind wondering.

  • Karen T. Young - Love my CanvasBack Cargo liner

    I have had the CanvasBack on my Cherokee for almost 3 years now and have never had a problem with it. It fits perfectly, stays put, covers all the carpeted areas (even the seat backs). I just vacuum up the dog hair, and if anything spills, wipe it up.

  • JENNY GRAHAM - Great purchase!

    I absolutely love the scent of this soap and it doesn't dry my skin out. Found it on here for a great price so will definitely buy again!