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  • mikeyvintage - Works!

    This stuff works. It takes some getting used to how to use it but once you get the hang of it - VOILA! You have to use just very small amounts to avoid chalking. Keep still to let it dry and tighten - it just takes a few minutes to dry.

  • Caitlin Kimball - Seeing results

    I have been using this cream consistently for a few months now and can honestly say that I am seeing a difference. I always apply it twice a day, a dime size amount to each cheek. The other day when I was applying the cream, I noticed that my butt actually did look bigger. It is rounder and more lifted and looks a little bigger. My hips even look wider but I don't think the cream has anything to do with that. I will continue to use the cream and hope to see more results

  • Robert K. Jenney - The lower compartment was excellent for shoes and dirty clothes

    I'm a life-long Timbul2 user. I still have, and use, the very first messenger bag I purchased in the late 80's. So, when I need a new bag, Timbuk2 is my first shopping stop.