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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • TK in SF - Over all, great everyday laptop. Not recommended for sw development or gaming, but you already knew that.

    - It is heavier than I expected. You'd think 14in with no HD would be lighter. But then, I'm used to my Acer S7 which is relatively light.

  • Tanya C. Aman - Love this! Hold three cards easy or 2 and ...

    Love this! Hold three cards easy or 2 and cash plus works with my magnetic mount in the car with no extra pieces.

  • Jake C. - No problems here

    I have had none of the performance issues mentioned by other reviewers. I hope they realize it takes a little bit for the show to buffer while it plays, which will cause the picture to be juttery and the audio to have sync issues. that or they have a slow or weak Internet connection.

  • JJSTONE - What a Ride!

    Darren Street takes us on a ride of a lifetime through the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee to the innards of gangs in the penal system. He's a fighter. He has to be to survive being framed, beaten, and almost forgotten about. Jump on now and take this exciting trip. There's just and unjust, trust and distrust, friends and enemies for life. As usual, THANK YOU Scott Pratt!