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  • Branden Gauna - The increased sense of well being is fantastic and the PM formula allowed me to fall asleep ...

    This product is incredible! The most noticeable effect this product had on me was it removed the "brain fog" from my work day. I own and operate a Specialized Nutrition Company ( Able-Bodied Nutrition) and am going non stop from morning till night assisting my clients in reaching their goals. I feel that I can answer questions more quickly and more precisely since I have started taking MasterBrain. The increased sense of well being is fantastic and the PM formula allowed me to fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed like I had slept a full 8 hrs even though I rarely sleep more than 6. (Like I said I'm busy lol) 1st Phorm has done it again!

  • Betty - small amount

    Really have no ideal if the product is good. It was gone after a week and before I can really experience it.

  • Colleen T Sorensen - Sketchy at Best

    I had a similar dispute that required my credit card company to get involved. I purchased the introductory CD for $9.95, which was all I wanted. I had no idea that because of this purchase, I was automatically signing up for a premium program that would cost hundreds more. The first unsolicited package that came to my home had very little info on it or in it to be able to figure out who the vendor was who sent it. Very, very sketchy.

  • Brandon - Fantastic Pen, Love It!

    Working in the business environment, I'm constantly writing notes, filling out forms, and ideas down on paper. In the past, I've used a wide array of pens ranging from $0.99 to $60. I tend to write with rollerball pens more than any other type but have found that most of my other rollerball pens seem to skip on the paper at times, causing me to have to write over my attempted words. I decided to get the Waterman Expert Precious rollerball and couldn't be any happier with my purchase. The pen writes very smoothly, is light weight, and feels sturdy in my hand. It doesn't feel like something that I'm dragging across the paper or like it's about to fall apart. I'd highly recommend this pen, Waterman has truly created something that writes fantastic and catches eyes.